Immaculate Birth – A Poem

Immaculate Birth

Our souls embrace,
Though still we lay,
Our arms apart
Though face to face

Your breath – my air,
My name in your book,
I open, await
For the returning look.

Two pieces – puzzled,
One womb – two twins
You turn, I struggled,
Our growth begins.

Two forms, entwined.
One heart, two minds,
Two eggs, one earth
– one immaculate birth.

Are you ready, brother?
It’s nearly time.
To break this shell,
To find the light.

Let’s find our feet,
Let’s leap, let’s run,
Let’s lead the way
– forever one.

Kent, England, April 2015.

J x

Find out more about the author here.
Words copyright James Dee Clayton.
mage copyright A. Rose Vintage.



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