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… “Now, there is no doubt that the Lion is the king of the jungle, and anyone who knows me knows that I have been obsessed with these creatures since I was a child… their beauty, their strength, their Pride… and their freedom to roam, far and wide, the wildest lands known to man… to be given the chance to walk alongside them was truly a dream come true. These lions had been saved from tragic #cannedhunting in South Africa and relocated on a wildlife reserve in Senegal, @fathalareserve, where I had the chance to move freely among them…” … “Much like the lions at Fathala, I too have been saved… born in captivity of modern society, stuck in small rooms with loads of other kids ‘your age’ being forced to learn and obey, everyday reminded that you must ‘fit in’ in order to succeed in life, moulded and pushed into a formula, only one day to be stuck out in the cold of the ‘real world’ to find you are still fenced-in, but in a bigger arena, and now you’re being shot at by fat cats with guns for some twisted idea of sport… we live in a society where our food is intensely farmed, modified, caged and force-fed, where we are told what to believe, what to need, who to worship; a mixed-up place where humans cannot cross borders unless they have the desired skin-colour or heritage or the right bits of paper.” … “A few years ago some ‘fate’ stuck me on a plane to the other side of the world, where I was given the chance to see a different kind of freedom, a different kind of light. I realised I had been lied to, that I could be truly free, but I would have to live the rest of my life on the edges of this man-made environment we call ‘world’ and refuse to be boxed-in again by powers I no longer believe in. By a system I no longer have any faith in. I realised then that all creatures deserve the chance to be Born Free, and those who weren’t, deserve the chance to be Born Again…” … #wildernessculture #faith #wordsofwisdom #guyswhotravel #traveldeeper #rebel #peacewarrior #wildlifeaddicts #beautifulplaces #naturelovers #travelbug #roamtheplanet #bornfree #spiritualawakening #igtravel #igtravelography #gospel #spirit #christwithin

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