A Thousand Suns, a New Dawn

Looking back, the last couple of years has brought me almost constant travel – and with it – a thousand suns, and a thousand skies.

How grateful I am for all those oranges, blues, yellows and red – those rows and flows and shaded domes that will forever filter through my head…

And now I look to a new dawn.

“Leaves blow down to the shore,
Golden tears of Summer fall.
Autumn turns to flame
Everything that Summer lent
But couldn’t quite give away.”

– James Dee Clayton

This post is a little pictorial celebration of skies past, and a nod to a gently rising future

– a new dawn.


J x


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  1. Sky , clouds and sun
    Wake up , yell or jump
    Stand still , with shadows don’t run
    You can not stop time
    Nor live..longer than sun
    Life can be short and fun 🙂
    Think , learn and turn
    Find reasons to shun
    evil , sadness and gun

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