Sometimes, I Sing JAZZ…

Taken by one Ben Jakobs.
Taken by one Ben Jakobs.

Jazz, oh that luxurious little genre, JAZZ.
What would life be without such simple luxury as jazz?
Jazz is one of my greatest musical passions, and, is sometimes a passion I get to indulge…

Although not quite the realisation of one of my ‘hit-list’ ambitions to sing atop a grand piano, I did get to sing a little impromptu Jazz at bar ‘The Lighthouse’ this Saturday gone.

I’d never met nor sung with the marvellous little band before the performance, but after walking onto stage, suggesting we sing a little bit of Summertime (season inappropriate, of course), and a minute or so of configuring, we were off!

I love that feeling – when musicians just come together, without rehearsal, and, well, the magic of true music just flows…

Gosh, that felt good.

J x.


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