Jungle Prince

So majestic to see the wild peacock dash through the jungle, in his natural habitat, a predator, snake-killer, in all nature’s glory, prancing around in the undergrowth, then pausing,
perfectly poised and vehemently vain, on a grassy verge, ready to be admired by my lens…

A jungle prince.
Happy to be admired, but with gaze ever ready to escape.
What a blessing that he crossed my path.
See his eye, a jewel, a coat so blue, his crown of feathered hearts.
See him turned away, full of grace; now watch the Lord of Dance.

This was such a special moment for me. I was on safari; just me, a jeep, and one driver;
I mentioned to the driver that I’d love to see a wild peacock, more-so even than a tiger,
(see, I’ve always had an obsession with the beauty of birds, and the beauty of their freedom)
literally minutes later a beautiful male crosses out path, and stops very close, by my door.
I was about a meter away. We shared a minute, watched each other, and then carried on our separate journeys.

Captured in the jungles of the Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India.
Thank you for reading. James Dee x

Images and words copyright James Dee Clayton and Diary of an Aesthete respectively.
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My first Indian sunset.

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    1. Thank you. Honestly, I was over the moon! Out of all the things I saw in the jungle I was most captivated by the peacock. That neat mixture of beauty and power, grace. I can only imagine what the explorers of old must have thought when they first laid eyes on so princely a bird…

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