Touching Skies – A Season in Europe

I have had a season full of love and beauty. So blessed. How thankful I am!

These last three months in Europe have been a blessing, truly – time spent around grand architecture, in medieval towns, with dear old pals, precious family, breathing clean air in the mountains, feeling the creative waters flowing, connecting with souls across the globe with this, my online diary, and immersing in the stunning beauty of Nature’s last display, before she shies away for the coming Winter…

The little luxuries of everyday life are once again mine to hold; a vision of clarity, nature’s shining ornaments; spirals of light, misted valleys, Gothic windows; red moons and copper skies; ancient walls and falling leaves…

I have found such a peace this Autumn, such a strong sense of mindfulness, and appreciation. Something has shifted, and for the first time in many years I have truly enjoyed this little “pause” back on the continent, in England and Italy… Even though I have been terribly busy! – taking time out in the Garden of England, down on the farm, with my precious family, exhaling and reflecting on the months of travel this year has already brought me – taking our annual pilgrimage to Avalon and witnessing another sacred sky burning red – enjoying the peace and subtlety of everyday life in England’s best-preserved medieval town (my childhood home), staying with my dear old pal and writing partner and laughing so much about the old days, spending some time in Lombardia, Italy, up in the mountains, breathing clean air and working on a fashion shoot; and then, of course, raising funds and preparing for my next trip…

The Good Life - rolling around in the straw after mucking out the stables!
The Good Life – rolling around in the straw after mucking out the stables!

But through all of this, it’s been a season of love, a season of friendship, and certainly a breakthrough
– those that know me well will know that I always seem to be on the move, busy as busy, some other project
or trip to make happen, some other thing my soul impatiently urges me to do… Another fold in the tapestry of this creative journey.

During these last couple of months I have learned, finally, how to stop letting my vision of the future obscure my appreciation for the moment. Still, even now, after everything my weird and wonderful existence has brought me, I’m learning how to let go… how to simply be. Present.

I had the chance to explore the ruins of Britain’s greatest abbey at Glastonbury, Somerset.

I was exhausted – my Neutropenia getting the better of me – so I layed down on the grass, in the middle of what would have been the main hall, just underneath the high alter where supposedly two of Britain’s great lay-lines, points of high energy, cross over, not far from where King Arthur was supposedly buried. Suddenly I found I had drifted into a light, healing sleep. My tired body more energised, leaving me ready to walk on…

 I climbed the Tor itself, that great mount, drunk from its holy springs, rested for a while in the Temple of the Goddess with fellow pilgrims, deep breathing; travelled up the Cheddar Gorge and explored an untouched cave with my father and elder brother; and as night came I took off my shoes and walked barefoot across lush grassy fields to watch the sky turn gold, then red, over the Somerset Levels – I saw those fields burn and bleed, ushering in a new dawn.

Time spent with friends and family, touching souls, is time immortalised…
Whether home or away, I love my people. Laughing about times gone by, making new memories, shedding new light… drinking endless cups of black coffee… I love telling them stories from my travels, showing my family pictures from the big wide world, my beautiful crazy adventures.

I had a chance to envelope myself in the classical architecture of Bath again…

And aside from a sojourn in London (occasionally need my fix of the Big Smoke), I have spent the last days of the season back in Italy, up in the mountains… breathing clean air and free space. Exploring hilltop towns and valleys, great cities and the antique architecture of San Pellegrino, Sorisole, Beautiful Bergamo. I also need my feed of Italy every few months. Italy – the first country I tasted my freedom, the freedom of travel; the freedom to wander, and wonder…

And now tomorrow I fly to Africa for the first time, touching down on my third continent this year.
What a year. What a blessing!

Goodbye for now, dear souls. Be happy. Make it count.

Until next time… Jx

Vocal warm-up – St. Peter’s Church – Sandwich, Kent, England.


  1. I like your blogs very much because of two reasons ….
    1. it has lot of photos … It makes it more interesting.
    2. I also want to become like you … A traveller, an explorer..😎but unfortunately i am still studying😢😢

    1. Thank you, and you can be what ever you want to be! In time, just don’t lose faith and never stop dreaming. Believe it – everything is possible. Just don’t give up – I NEVER do. JX

  2. It has been an incredible autumn indeed and your post – your words and your photos – absolutely does it justice. Wonderful! I wish you a magical time in Africa! 🙂

        1. Oh wow. Have the best time – I simply cannot wait to read you stories! Make it happen, grab every chance with both hands. I wish you every blessing for your journey ahead… JXX

  3. Well, there you are! I am so happy you had such a grand time with your family, friends and got to see such amazingly beautiful and historical places. And, as always hun, thank you for sharing! Safe travels and until next time. Cheers! 🙂

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