Black and Gold Crusades

A little poem and a little visual. Today’s musing…
Film clips from Ghana and Morocco, 2017 and 2018 respectively.
Words from my mind, circa 2011.




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    1. Thank you my friend. I have certainly lived many experiences and ways of being, I can say that much… Life, and ALL those in it have been a great teacher to me… and I am still a student, and seek Revelation in everything, and learn everyday. I only ‘know’ my own life and the truth I have learnt… I have plunged deep into things… seen much, things disturbing, other things in the most beautiful waves of Truth… I have used art in the past to express some things I cannot find a place for elsewhere in my life, things that people cannot receive in other ways. I really am glad you appreciate this little video. God bless you, friend. Always and forever.

      1. Thank you! May God bless you too. Life is always our best teacher our best example and our unique inspiration with the knowledge of God being in and through the marvels we have been given on this earth. We are travellers and as such we absorb through the senses the essence of the people and places we come across, sans distance. Thanks so much for your posts!

        1. Amen! Couldn’t agree more, especially with ‘God being in and through the marvels we have been given on earth’ … I see His hand in everything, and find it empowering to serve some small part in His great plan… so blessed.

          Always a pleasure, brother!
          Peace be with you.

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