Lost in Venice

A little story from the road. Everybody knows Venice is my favourite city in the world, and this little story is one I'll never forget. Let me tell you about the time I got perfectly lost in Venice... So I was wandering around, as usual, right off the heavily-beaten tourist trails in Venice, no bag, [...]

Night in the City

On Paris, Sacred Heart, Vogue-overdose, Our Bright Young Youth... and the Unforgettable Karma of Rain. Breakfast in Paris. Looking out of those windows, down at the streets of Paris below, in our Montmartre Hotel ...that's a breakfast I'll never forget. A large part of my life concerns a lust for travel and culture, memory and experience. This post is [...]

How to Fake Italian…

On Florentine Life, Renaissance Schools, and How I Became the Worst Student Ever... ...and thrived. For many people, the idea of selling all your things and giving up your home, packing a single suitcase, travelling solo across Italy, and enrolling in an Italian school in one of the world's most beautiful cities, is something of [...]

A Goliard in Ghent

"Goliard - any of the wandering students and clerics in medieval England, France, and Germany, remembered for their satirical verses and poems in praise of drinking and debauchery." Okay, so whilst I enjoy the idea of being a wandering student poet, I generally do my best to avoid drunken debauchery... although it has this terrible habit [...]