9+ years of Solo Travel ~ My Journey

I came into this life with humble beginnings – and I seek a humble ending. But what I look for along the way is to acquire a life worth living, a day worth getting out of bed for, a smile worth sharing, a hand worth holding. A place worth finding. I just want to look back at my time and regret only things I did do
never something I didn’t.”

– 2014

The voice of God can be found amongst the highest mountains, and between the smallest grains of sand… if you only have the ears to hear it. The essence of a pilgrimage is to move, yet, at some point along the way, you realise you do not move at all ~ the pilgrimage moves you.”

– 2016

Mostly I have travelled solo, lived in different parts of our wide and wonderful world… yet I am never alone for long. I learn about the world by living with its People ~ ‘the jewel in the crown of Creation…’

I will be forever thankful to all those who have been a part of this journey, both on the road, and here, on this site… to me all the comments and emails I received are the real treasures of this world. This is my Global Pilgrimage ~ the story of my life, and the people and places which become a part of my story along the way. I am forever in awe. This is my expression of awe. One of a deep love, for humanity, our potential, and the truth in the world; the truth of our deepest hearts. This is my art, my little creation, my devotion to the works of a Higher Creation.

“The Truth shall make you free…” – Jesus, the Christ

+ + +

Seek, and truly you will find…

This walk with God, this pilgrimage in the outer world, has taught me many things, about the ‘kosmos’ and myself. It has taught me to love more, to let go… to seek, to forgive… to move more… and most importantly how to be still. This journey has taught me that we are surrounded by both Truth and Lie at all times, and that the Lie is much easier to believe. We believe others are different from us, but this is the biggest lie in the universe. I travel to all places and see the same love in peoples’ eyes. Love is the light of humanity. It connects us all.

“Know the world in yourself. Never look for yourself in the world, for this would be to project your illusion…”
– Ancient Egyptian Proverb

“I have looked in all places, behind every door and into the eyes of many worldly men. The only lasting thing I have found, of any value and perpetual comfort to my soul, is undoubted belief in God. I owe my life, and all its deeds, to He…” – 2019

Thank you for joining me!
I love to read and respond to your comments. Keep the flame of faith sheltered in your heart… Shine Your Light. Always explore. Always seek. Always forgive. Always love ! Love is the only Truth that will remain when all other things fade away… Trust me, you can travel the whole world and learn nothing… the greatest voyage is the one taken through infinite realms of the soul.

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“A busketlist isn’t freedom for me. The ability to travel freely is not freedom to me. Living between boundaries of fear is not freedom for me. Freedom for me is beholding the night’s sky, walking barefoot at dawn, raising my hands in worship, chanting from the depths of my soul with the wind in my hair. Freedom for me is embracing my brother humanity in prayer and love. Freedom for me is my undefinable, unbreakable belief in the Great Spirit of Life, in One God. No matter what happens, these things can never be taken from me.”

– 2021

“He who loves little, gives little. He who loves more, gives more… and he who loves beyond measure, what has he to give? He gives himself!” – Saint Porphyrios the Athonite; mystic, healer and prophet.


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  1. Shalom,

    Thank you for sharing such a witnessing, hopefully for the right God, though when it would not yet be so (if you at the moment still adhere a Trinity for example) I hope my impression of your site, you being called by God shall be showing more and more, you finding that Jesus is the way to God and the way to life, so that you and others might find his God and our God, Who created all that beauty that you know so magnificently to put on a two-dimensional picture, but showing a greater depth to it.

    That the God of Israel may protect you and guide you, so that you too can show the glory of the Most High Elohim.

  2. Your blog is super well done! Thanks for following me; I’m excited to make friends and tell stories using Seasoned with Ginger. & your photography is wonderful. Good luck with your adventures, I look forward to seeing more of them!

    1. Thank you Jenna! Really happy to be following each other. May the road of life be long and illuminating for us both! I’m really happy you popped by. Mine is a little space, but I am happy to share with anyone who finds comfort in it. Looking forward to reading your tales on Seasoned With Ginger. May your works prosper. God bless <3

    1. I have been many places, my friend, and have had many trials, tasks; some victory, some failures. I’ve seen many things, but I can honestly say I am just a beginner in all this… a student of this life. I am just as amazed and in awe of this earth now as when I first started, and I profess to be no greater than the day I first dreamed all this up… I do hope, one day though, to be worthy of all I have received.

  3. wow man . . . love your photo’s . . . as well as your outlook on life. Keep the candle burning brother, even in the rain . . . even in the pain . . . protect it with your life . . . because it IS your life.

  4. supreme grace patience and humility amazing journey inspiring words , tremendous effects of divinity visible..indeed your work touches the soul and spirit…’I am but a speck of dust,yet I am the world, I am me”Beautiful Thank you for visiting my world’

  5. Your courage to meet and live with these beautiful people in countries some people would not dare to go is truly admirable. I can’t help but stare and look closely to the photos of you having a great time mingling with the native people especially with the children. I guess it’s not just courage that brought you there but a passion. Nothing beats a passion!

    This travel blog is worth reading!

    1. It is passion, absolutely! You’ve hit the nail on the head.

      My passion to travel to all these places and ‘blend’ has always been greater than my fear, hence the amount I’ve travelled. I have to nurture my yearn for travel, keep the fire alive inside, want it deeply… it’s a labour of love, I’m glad to say, and the flame burns yet…

      Thank you for commenting.

  6. James,
    You are a gorgeous being. I feel blessed that you found my blog, otherwise I may never have found yours. You are brave and have followed your heart on a pilgrimmage of a lifetime. I will take time and enjoy learning from you and what you have shared. Thank you dear heart for your soulfull expression in this world. Blessed be.

    1. Jordan, thank you, from the bottom of my soul, for your encouraging and heart-felt comments. They mean so very much to me, and give me courage on this yin-yang journey of life!

      Sending you all my gratitude and heart…
      J <3

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