1. I keep coming back to this photo. I don’t think that I could ever tire of seeing it. My instant reaction every time? Peace. Open-heartedness. Joy. It’s funny, you know; I hunt for words to describe how I feel when I see it, but none of them really nail it. All I do know is that I consider it a gift to experience it. Thank you.

    1. Samten, this photo, out of perhaps all my photos and memories, is my most precious, raw and real. Me and this orphaned boy in Ghana (he was I believe just turned 3 here, but I do not know for sure) we had a strong connection from the first moment. He was the skinniest and had the least friends in the orphanage. He clings to me and calls out for me when I am not there. I have been to Ghana twice to visit him and will return later this year. He is my God child and these memories are so precious. One of the other kids at the orphanage took this photo – it was their first time using or even holding a camera which is why the angle is somewhat strange perhaps… I’m really happy to read that you can feel this photo’s special energy, and I also feel your message is somehow a reminder to me from the Divine that this connection and my return to Africa is very important to my story… so I thank you, in return… Jx

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