Dance Like No-one’s Watching

Be as you want to be – sing, breathe, cry and love as you were born to love – never stop moving – never give-up – take every moment, every chance, and seize life’s little Romance…

Nothing has to be boring, never a moment has to be dull. Life decides the destinations, be WE decide the pathways… and I personally like to dance down my pathways…

People will tell you – you can’t do this – you can’t do that – you’re too old – you’re too young… I’ve never really paid much attention to what people say.

Learn to Live!



Canterbury is one of my favourite English cities. Small, historic, quaint, cobbled streets – reminds me much of Florence. And once you’ve lived in a place like Florence – it never leaves you. Florence taught me to be myself – to dance – to sing. The modern world owes much to cities like Florence.

I was having a meal in Canterbury recently – at my favourite Moroccan place downtown – it was raining heavily – and so I took the opportunity to step outside and dance around by the Pilgrim’s Gateway. People were walking past, their hoods up and their heads down – a bit confused – occasionally someone saying ‘nice one!’ or something equally sarcastic, but probably wishing they had the guts to do something like that. Not that I was doing anything particularly extraordinary – no less extraordinary than feeling totally free, being unapologetically myself, living arbitrarily – without inhibitions. Is that  really extraordinary??

But it was obvious – they were the ones having a bad time, not me!

Do something that scares you, everyday – something simple, but something that will ultimately make you happy. Surprise yourself. It’s never too late to change your life. Once you’ve silenced that little voice that says “you can’t do that” – you’ll never be stopped by it EVER again. Do it. I dare you! Why ever not???

You may just make yourself smile…

pilgrim's gateway, canterbury - 4


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Climb every mountain. Reach for the stars. There is NOTHING you cannot do.

J x


  1. I love you, and your true, honest, inspiring words, very much. Cannot wait to see you in that stunning Greek land again soon!!! Such passion, such people – light and truth – I love it!!! I live for it!

    Thanks again,

    Anon, James xx


  2. My Pleasure My Dear and Precious James… As you Know My Words Are From The Depths Of My Heart, as My Heart Has Been Greatly Challanged and Through These Challanges I Allowed Finally To Be Guided By My Heart and Not From The Torture Of My Mind and So Call Logic… There Comes a Time To Just Stop and Let The Heart Do The Right Thing… 🙂 As Your New Post Quite Rightly Says… Follow Your Heart At All Costs…
    Lots Of Love Always …
    You Will Be Glad You Did…
    Your Destiny Awaits You
    Andrea Louca

    Liked by 1 person

  3. James Mou… !!! This Cries Out To Me…
    Free Spirit … Free Of Judgment… Free Of Criticism … Free Of Fear… Really Living…
    Living In Free Spirit As I Believe We Were Meant To…
    No Boundaries ! No Conditions ! Just Living In Good Faith, Trusting In Our Creator and Living In Peace and Love and Allowing To Be Loved … Loved By All and Giving Love By Loving Life and Those In Life… Unconditionally … Trying To Hold True To Our Inner Depth Feelings…
    Able To Express Them Out To The World Without Fear Of Judgement …
    God Bless You and Guide You, On His Wonderful Journey Of Spiritual Awakening…
    Andrea Louca
    Your Destiny Awaits You…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Andrea!! Thank you so much!
      You words are my thoughts – your passion my sentiment. Thank you for your lovely words on my site. This is what it’s all about – giving, receiving, sharing, loving. Thank God for the wonderful and easy ways we have to share and communicate this age.
      You’ve brightened my day! Truly you have!
      Can’t wait to hear from you again soon.
      All my love and light.
      J x


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