MY Definition of An Aesthete…

“One who lives for and affects a keen sensitivity toward the subtlety and complexity of truest beauty, in nature and in art.”

Le Grand Meaulnes

One who LIVES for beauty – for that journey, to that place, for that view…

In Nature…

And in Art…

Life is supposed to be beautiful. We are supposed to live through the beauty of the earth… and the beauty of our souls. Together.


You are beautiful.

I am beautiful.

We are beautiful.

J xx


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    1. Thank you. I wish you every success and strength as you fight for the right to happiness – we all deserve it, and your determination is a beauty, an inspiration. Love thyself, Be thyself – you’re soooo worth it. God bless you, Mimi. JX

  1. I’m so happy to have found you and your blog! Thank you so much for following me ….. I have a sense we are similar souls on the path. Looking forward to walking (metaphorically) with you

    1. Thank you, dakinidancing! I’m sure we are 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful to discover kindred spirits? Here’s to following each other, “walking together” – I like that idea very much.

      Thank you. James x.

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