The Edge of the Western World…


Cape Sounion sits at the southernmost tip of Greece’s Attica region,
homeland also of ATHENSits capital (one of my favourite cities in the world)…
Sounion is the last point of land in majestic Attica that thrusts out mightily into the Aegean Sea – a great outcrop of rock – a huge mountain rising out of the deep blue waters…
– and atop the very summit sits the haunting Temple of Poseidon.


I had the chance to visit this incredible site of both natural and historic beauty a couple of years ago, on one of my first trips in Greece…

The temple itself is awe-inspiring, to say the least! To see such a thing as an ancient temple so many thousands of years old still standing so proudly – and not just anywhere but atop a mountain so mighty, with a backdrop of pure blue… need I say more?

I visited the site with my soul sister Sophia – whose name is Greek for Wisdom. She’s quite a world traveller herself, and our adventures in Athens… well, they were quite unbelievable…

Me and my Greek sister, Sophia

The day we visited Sounion was a sweltering hot one, but the climb to the top of the hill was more than worth it.

I was practically hard-boiled by this point.
I was practically hard-boiled by this point… I would definitely take a hat next time…

A priceless view…


Now… here’s my tip for getting to the place, without expensive tour-guides, cruises, buses full of Japanese people taking selfies…

Start out in Athens (a city you should obviously visit anyway), get a taxi (normally pretty cheap, but make sure you roughly know the way or the driver may take you literally around the houses) or just simply walk, to Pedion Tou Areos  (a large public park with a bus station next to it), and catch a KTEL bus to Cape Sounion/Lavrio (best to ask the driver himself) – it’ll cost you around four euros sixty (round trip!) and take a couple of hours EACH WAY, but the views of the Attican coastline throughout the journey are pure lush.


Although, if you’re anything like me, after all that walking and hours of melting hot Greek sun, you may want to climb down a safe pathway to the crystal waters below, take a dip, and breathe…

me swimming in Agii Apostoli

“Sometimes, a view across the blue is all you need… to dream.

Don’t ever let anything keep you from dreaming your dreams… I know I won’t be.
J xx.



  1. again beautiful photos. I have been to Greece as well, not Athens though, too much was going on at that time (1998) but I did get a chance to go to Corfu and Paleokestrisa. Beautiful place, really beautiful and the views so spectacular and the people were really nice as well. Now I must go back so I can visit Athens. I feel like I missed out!

    1. Gosh yes go if you get the chance! There is still so much of greece i’ve yet to explore… I’ll note down your recommendations. Much still to see. Thank God time is on our side!! Thanks once again for the comments. Peace and light. James xx.

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