I Am Me

…and that’s my promise to the world ~ to keep it that way.

As time goes on, I find the same thoughts and feelings coming back to me, sentiments that I have had from the very beginning. Strangely enough, right now as we approach the end of 2018, I feel very similar to how I felt at the beginning of 2015 – when my journey really became global the first time and I packed up a single bag and headed to India on a one-way ticket, alone, with no-one to meet me the other side, and not a clue as to what I would find… 2015, 16 and 17 were incredible years of travel, and I saw so much in so little time, made so many fantasies a reality, and truly gave my dreams little wings of their own.

Still, I am moreoreless precisely the same person I was when I started, which is a beautiful realisation to behold.

I’ve learnt a lot, loved a lot, given up a lot, and yet, I’m still that kid/man I was back then, still dreaming, still wanting to see more, make bigger things happen, connect and grow.

I feel stronger in some ways, more sure of myself. Certainly I feel more sure of my limitations, which I guess has been my greatest journey really.

Illness has tried to break me, and failed.
Heartbreak has tried to break me, and fallen.
Disappointment and failure have tried to break me,
and failed, again and again…

Demons come and go, but what stays with me, always, is this journey. The people I have met. The faces, smiles, places and miles and miles of dusty, muddy road. People like you, who are reading this now, yes you, who have connected with me either in spirit, through the web or have crossed paths with me on the road, YOU have made my journey so so very special and I am simply honoured to be among such giving, beautiful kindred spirits.

God bless you all.
Thank you. I appreciate every single one of you.
Here’s to the next few years, with whatever they may bring.

Here’s to NEVER giving up, always being YOU,
forgiving yourself and allowing yourself to shine,
wherever you are, whatever you are…


Here is a little film I made about my journey thus far, with reflections and thoughts on some of what I’ve learnt on the Road of my Global Pilgrimage… a journey that never stops in my soul, even if my body takes a moment to pause, and heal…




Ad Astra…

Visuals shot on Ain Diab beach, Casablanca, Morocco,
September 2018, by Safia Raja.
Other footage shot by James Dee Clayton
and various companions around the globe πŸ™‚


all inquiries: diary.aesthete@yahoo.co.uk



  1. I have always lived in a serene environment that I failed to take notice of until I watched your video. How much the environment relates to you and inspires you to expand your thought to an unending horizon. Thanks for sharing this video with us and expressing your thoughts in words.

    1. I strive hard to keep current with many of the greatest posts I have the privilege to read. I have not seen the video you speak of.
      Although I don’t always need to.
      Many words stick out to me, wether in text or spoken.

      In many of our lives, the societies we live in have a way of busying us to the point we forget, and or neglect what’s truly important to us.

      If it’s happening with you now, or it’s still to come, when you experience times in your life when you feel renewed, & intuned with yourself and maybe even your surroundings more than ever before, these are the times we make the greatest changes. When we overcome the biggest challenges.
      When we face our fears and we don’t look back!
      We were meant to feel life not suffer through it.

      Best to you my friend-


    2. My God, tell me about it! I am so affected by my surroundings it’s almost unbelievable sometimes. I have to protect myself in ‘darker’ places, and when I get the chance to breeze through lighter places, that is when I truly shine and become fully ‘me’. I travel the world seeking out such places, or this ‘sensation’ of freedom… I realise by now it is not a place without, but within. Its physical location always changing… I guess that’s why I will always need to travel to some extent.

      Thank you for popping by and commenting.
      Wishing you and yours all the very best.

    1. You are welcome and thank you very much, Mr Scot, you seem like an interesting man and your well wishes mean a lot.

      Wishing you, in return, all the very best for the festive season and beyond. Thanks for popping by…

  2. I’ve no comment to make, except not to hold too tightly to what you’ve got. You’ve travelled space-wise, and you’ve grown and you’ve learned. But ahead is a journey that takes you through time, and tests every jot of you. I wish you well on that journey. Not many come through it intact. πŸ™‚

        1. Yes I am! (Gosh, that’s somewhat of a relief to read, I must say. I thought for a second there you were trying to say you actually know what lies ahead for me)

          Life indeed is ever changing. Who knew I’d be sitting here now replying to you over a post like this, inspired by all these things I never imagined I would do? I never foresaw this fate for myself and I don’t profess for a second to know what may happen next. It’s a relief to know, however, that I do not regret my choices in life thus far, even through my many challenges (which of course, I don’t share entirely on this blog). I am happy with my choices, and I am so very happy being ‘Me’ and the fantastic person I have allowed myself to be through my choices. Choices, they really are everything…

          And I would be relieved to learn that the journey is not yet over, because I’m not yet done. I would imagine I have barely started πŸ˜‰

  3. A beautiful video and post.

    β€œI’ve learnt a lot, loved a lot, given up a lot,
    and yet, I’m still that kid/man I was back then,
    still dreaming,
    still wanting to see more,
    make bigger things happen, connect and grow…”

    β€œHere’s to NEVER giving up, always being YOU,
    forgiving yourself and allowing yourself to shine,
    wherever you are, whatever you are…”

    Times get tough, I know.
    Like so many of your followers I’ve missed your longer posts but knew some of the reasons.
    Not all.

    I thought I was having a bad year!
    My posts also waned,
    things closed in from many directions at once.
    The poetry seemed to have died,
    there seemed no time,
    or perhaps there was but…

    I can give you a lot of years, probably double those you have already.
    I can’t promise that things will get easier.
    But always being you, forgiving yourself, and shining, even when you cannot see your shining, is real living.
    Live my friend.
    My prayers for you.

    1. Thank you, Anthony, it’s so nice to hear from you; your words are a great comfort.

      It’s been a bit of an odd year for me, details of which I should probably explore more soon, in a story or two. But I cannot deny this year has been thouroughly enlightening. I’ve re-learnt a few key lessons, that, because of changing circumstances in my life, came back to test me once again… and I pulled through, still managing to surround myself with light, laughter and those I love along the way.

      By now, I’m happily resigned to the fact that Life seems to be a constant battle. But I have realised, with faith and inspiration, it’s worth every struggle and fight to reach the Light.

      I’m so excited for 2019. Plans seem to be quickly taking shape all by themselves and I’m slowly readying myself to hit the road indefinitely again.

      My prayers for you. Wishing you and yours all the best for the festive season, and beyond.


  4. I follow several blogs but find I have little time to keep up with them. Yours is the only one I always read immediately. It is a jewel. I have prayed for the angels to watch over you on your journeys. Bless you.

    1. I am simply honoured by this.
      I am not sure there is more I can say, other than thank you.

      May the Great Love stay with you, always.
      Peace, light and love, from me, sincerely. Jx

    1. The small clip was so peaceful, very well put together. I am also afraid of travel so watching your short video and reading your story makes me realize that many people feel this way. I’m talking about being scarrred to face one’s fears. What I got out if the reading was that despite how the reat of the world is and what is happening in it, you will always be you even if you encounter good or bad, it never changes you. Some people allow such factors to change who they are. Tryely genuine. I really enjoyed it amd it was a great opening and welcoming to your blog.

      1. I’m really glad you found the video peaceful, I wasn’t necessarily expecting that reaction but I guess I felt peaceful making it and speaking a bit about my journey.

        The whole facing one’s fears thing is rather a recurring theme for me and my story. I’ve never professed to be without fears or mental restriction, but I certainly challenge and face these flaws; it seems something, somewhere, always makes me ‘push’ through the demons and I often surprise myself with my resilience.

        I would say that I am indeed ‘affected’, somewhat changed, by things, circumstances in life and different energies. In fact, I can be over sensitive to my surroundings, both physically and emotionally. But, again, I am reminded to always bring myself back to ‘me’, to trust my gut instincts and moral compass. I guess that’s sort of what I was trying to say with this post. I guess we are all genuine, we just need to remind ourselves of who that ‘genuine me’ really is – and if we are truly living up to fully ‘being’ ourselves, or living our lives by the rules of others…

        Thank you so much, for commenting and sharing your Truth – these kinds of comments are always interesting for me to answer, thought-provoking, and wholly appreciated.

        Wishing you all the very best for the rest of your day and week ahead. May The Peace be with you, always.


    1. Thank you, Cornelia, for your words of encouragement, and for You πŸ˜‰

      It means so much to read comments like this.
      Makes me smile, in and out.

      Wishing you all the very best.

  5. Beautiful words and video James. I always look forward to your posts.

    Although my journey has been in the states, from hotels to friends’ houses to strangers’ houses and a broken down farm…these 6 years on the road have been a similar journey. Illness and injury tried to stop me, lack of funds and friends turning on me tried to discourage me, strangers misjudging me and throwing me out attempted to break my faith and isolation and struggles humbled me. Yet, like you, I stayed true to myself, dedicated to my spiritual work, steady with my kindness and warmth, and still moving forward.

    Here’s to the journey friend.

    Love, katelon

    1. How inspiring a soul you are.

      Your faith and spirit are strong, and it comforts me to know you are out there, working the Light for the benefit of all.

      Thank God for You, for Me, and us All.

      Here’s to shining through the muck, Katelon… for ever and eternity… thank you…

      Love J xx

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m very happy I found yours, I will come back soon to read more. I already like what I saw and this article is very straitghforward I get you πŸ™‚

      1. The video is very nice, do you plan on making a movie out of your journey? I could imagine myself watching such a movie πŸ˜‰ But tell me, you like wearing “dresses”, how come?

        1. Thank you.

          One day, maybe, when things align, but there is still a lot I need to do before then. I do plan to start making a lot more little travel videos in the coming years though, I’ve been focused more on photography until now but I see that slowly changing, or, perhaps, expanding…

          The robe I am wearing in this video is a typical moroccan ‘thobe’ worn commonly by men. These clips were shot in Morocco.


  7. Such a beautiful profound journey within while you explored your dreams and life out there! I find your post an inspiration to find the freedom to just Be and keep going where led knowing the essence of our being can survive it all.

    1. So very true, and I’m honoured if this post has somehow helped to re-affirm that.

      We are such beautiful strong beings at the core and it’s honestly such a blessing for me to read of others who can relate to my own journey, reflect and share in it.

      None of us are perfect, but if we can each use our ‘talents’ to spread goodness and light then, well, what more can we ask for really…

      There is a bright future somewhere, for everyone, and I am setting sail for that horizon in every deed.

      Thank you for being You, too πŸ™‚

      1. You radiate possibilities, potential, positivity and peace through your words. It shows your powerful and courageous journey through life. My pleasure and privilege to have this conversation with you.

        1. Thank you! So much…
          That means so very much to me πŸ™‚
          Looking forward to sharing a whole lot more, as long as this Fire continues to burn in my soul.

          The pleasure is truly all mine.
          God bless. Jx

  8. What a beautiful and difficult journey you have embarked upon. It reminds me of mine. Lovely words and amazing video. Will love to read more and follow along with your discoveries. Thank you so much for visiting and your support. Sending you much blessings and light to protect you through your path.

  9. Well, happy to know that your spirit is still soaring and raring to go. 😊. Some times are eventful, some are quiet, but the journey goes on….One year back I didn’t even know you existed in this world, but now I wait for your posts with enthusiasm, knowing fully well that my spirit will have something to take from it. Life is full of demons and angels, but calling out to angels for help or succumbing to the demons is entirely upto us, I believe. I too am grateful for this long distance connection which is inspiring and always puts a smile on my lips. God bless you always throughout your journey.

    1. And God bless you my friend. I so appreciate your words, always. Some times are eventful, some are quiet, but the journey goes on… that is so deep and meaningful to me right now… and to a lot of people I’m sure.

      So thank you!

      It’s so amazing to connect this way. What an amazing thing that such special people come to this corner of the web and share in spirit.

      Looking forward to sharing much more with you in the coming years, God willing.

      love always, Jx

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