Morocco Diaries

Morocco. North Africa.

We’ve been here before. This time we will see it through new eyes.
Since my first trip back in 2017 I haven’t quite been able to stay away.

So vivid, alive – its landscapes, winding cities and warm-hearted people. The place is crazy! In the heat, the bustling medina; weaving in and out of buyers and sellers. Dappled shade. Steaming, sugary teas. Echoing yells in a plethora of language. Golden sunsets winking over verdant canyons. I love that no one can really guess where I’m from… a fact I luxuriate in as I move around, bob and weave, cool cotton flowing about my body.

Last year I spent about six weeks or so in Morocco, over a couple of trips. During the first I decided to change things up and document my stay with more video clips than photography, unlike before. You see, being me as I am, I decided to launch my entire medication bag in a bin in London before the journey even began, deciding to go it ‘solo’ – free – and in faith… which was pretty terrifying! I did, however, think it would make good material for a little series of video diaries. Ever the martyr for my art.

When you’ve had doctors filling your mind for half your life with ‘you musts‘ and ‘you needs‘ and ‘you can’ts‘ it’s pretty hard to loosen the forceps and make a break. But rather than lying in bed at home feeling blue, I chose Morocco as the place I’d take my chance… hardly the easiest of places at times, let me assure you.

But what a journey it was!

Health is no joke and those of you who have indeed been following my story will know I have had many battles of my own… still, I’m not dead. There’s life yet flooding these veins, these bones fortify, a lifetime of tales fill this brain and where there’s more life, always life, I’m seeking it, forever sniffing out my next fix.

Life is a drug for me. The only one I will not give up on.


Here is my first little travel film, for you, detailing my journey from London, through various Moroccan cities, and all the ups and downs along the way…

Thank you for watching.


We are all sacred birds.
See you in the sky!



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  1. \I have always wished to visit Morocco. Thank you for putting together this film. 🙂 Reading through your posts and seeing the videos brings me lot of peace and comfort at the moment. God bless you.

    1. God bless you too Kristiina ! I am so glad to read your comment and to see my little creations have touched you. It means a lot to me to read your comment. Thank you so much. Keep shining your light bright one 🙂

    1. They were well-sealed and dumped in a friend’s bin in London if I recall correctly… rather a blur to be honest! Although I’m sure we’d both be surprised at what ends up in London airport bins…

  2. Would love to visit Morocco someday and travel around from city to city like this. Lovely film !

  3. What a fantastically delightful collection of pictures. Just what I needed to cheer up
    Touched one of the deepest saddest chords in my heart!!

    I also loved this :

    We are all sacred birds.
    See you in the sky!

  4. Lovely photos, story and now video! I really enjoyed watching the video, seeing all the beauty and sharing in your trials and success. I’m so glad your health has stabilized without medication. That must feel freeing to you, to be set free from the medical profession and the limitations of illness. Growing up so ill, in and out of emergency rooms and hospitals, dying a couple times, working so hard with alternatives and spiritual measures to get well and stay alive, I used to think of answering “I get well” when people would ask what I do for a living 🙂 So….good on you for freeing yourself amidst the double edged sword of your travels.

    May your body and spirit continue to heal as you move forward sharing your light and quest with the world!

    Thank you friend, love, katelon

    1. God knows, I so relate! I feel as though these last ten years of being an ‘adult’ have literally been a quest to perpetuate health… Like you, spiritual and emotional healing have played an enormous part, more than I ever imagined. I am, truly, so happy to be free from the grips of the medical profession, at least for the present, and hopefully long term. Gives me freedom to move, which is what I need frankly, the bird I am…

      Much more yet to see and share on this quest and I am so happy and fulfilled in the knowledge that special souls such as yourself are with me every step of the way.

      Means so much.

      Thank you, always.
      Love James.

  5. Just breathtaking! Loved the film. I would love to see more of you interacting with people as you always look so much a part of their culture and very at hope in places like Morocco, like in your post Sands of Time which is a must read!!

    Happy to see you well.
    Wishing you all the best.

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback.

      I’d love to go back to Morocco and Sahara and make a film about the people I encounter, much like that post. This trip was a little different as I had travelling companions and different agenda. Also this film was really not planned at all: I was just making video diaries for myself at first and playing around with my camera, but I decided in the end to make something more of it. I will definitely push to make more film on my next trips and see where it leads… people are one of the main reasons I travel.

  6. So beautiful! I especially enjoyed the end of the film and the path through the mountains. Your time in the blue city sounded mixed but happy to see you pushed through and never give up!! Thanks for sharing us these beautiful parts of the world!

  7. Amazed as always by your stories and photos James, and now your film too.
    I hope you will do more and I hope you make it back to the desert one day. The place is part of you.
    Stay safe.
    Jessie x

    1. I truly hope so too! Really, I won’t go back to Morocco without full intention of heading back out into the Sahara. I’d like to document the journey in film too, so watch this space… Jx

  8. Such an epic journey . I was mesmerized by your film. I have been in Morocco about 40 years ago, camping in a tent driving an old VW convertible traveling on a low budget and had the most beautiful experiences. Thank you for sharing Yours

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