And Did Those Feet…


Everybody knows I love me a bit of England from time to time. Catching up with family, old blast-from-the-past friends, sentimental places and nuances of English life I’ll never fully shake off as the self-professed Aesthete I am.

Cities like Oxford and Cambridge are no exception.
Seriously, I have much overlooked these absolute golden cities of culture and history. Until now. Although brief, my time spent in ‘Oxbridge’ will long be cherished, recorded, reminisced over and talk about in the stories of my life for years to come…

Right now, I am in Italy. Last week I was standing beneath the actual Bridge of Sighs in a secret spot I will share in a later video post (I’m doing a little video diary of my time in Italy, travelling from Venice to Naples, via Modena and Florence of course (usual naughtiness will occur)). But I must say, it was a very satisfying moment indeed to waltz across the Cambridge Bridge of Sighs whilst none of the professors were looking (it is usually strictly prohibited).

Another brief chapter in the diary of an aesthete.
Another Romantic notion ticked off the long, long list.
Who knows, I may even enrol for a Classics degree one day…

Although I highly doubt these feet could stop for three whole years.



  1. Beautiful pics. Am so glad to connect with an aesthete. Have heard and used this word for the first time 😎 – knew only aesthetic ..
    May your life remain filled with things beautiful 🤗

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