Somewhere in Tuscany…

Isn’t it fascinating how different places call forth different energies from within? Complex beings we are… I find it amazing how it seems our inner being, or our soul, is apparently greatly affected by our environment, the people and the energy around us. Long have I been bewitched by this phenomenon… I’ve tried many things, breathed deeply many seasons. I’ve seen changes, growth and ugliness, and also great beauty, within myself, at different times… in different places.

I’ve lived many lives, felt the quality of many skins.

Increasingly, with time, apart from holy places on earth, I find the spirit calls me to nature, for silence, for quiet and deeply personal moments in the world away from man. Man… a beautiful and yet troubling puzzle. One, gladly, I do not have the job to solve or understand…

“When I sense the harmony of nature, I am brought to tears. Why should we be bored with life? Let us live life with the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth. The person who has the Spirit of God, who has Divine Wisdom, sees all things with love of God and notices all things. The wisdom of God makes him grasp all things and delight in all things.”- Elder Porphyrios

Creation moves always, with purpose, with perfect design and unfathomable synergy. To sit among such greatness of life I find deeply humbling, a stark reminder of my place within a far far greater picture than I could ever possibly begin to conceive. And yet, sitting in nature, I feel more understood, and more understanding of who I am, than I do anywhere else really. Nature helps me to die in myself, to accept my place… and to forget my place. To feel the solid earth beneath me. To see starlight bleeding into ink-blue sky. To watch naked flame consuming unseen air with sharp licks. The flight of birds. The call of the wild. All of it reminds me, speaks to me and sings a familiar song, awakening the silently flowing rivers of Light at the deepest part of my own nature.

I realise, more and more, how we are not the ‘nothing’ we are lead to believe; yet neither are we the ‘gods’ we may like to think.

Nature, of which human is a great and vital part, moves always with the Unseen, echoes with the Unheard.
Life, the canvas for the Divine Hand, a perpetual testimony of Grace.


During my last journey, me and a few friends celebrated a pal’s birthday up on top of a mountain near Lucca, Tuscany. There were no roads, no light pollution, just sounds of nature and perfectly clear skies. I delighted in the moments between celebrations when I could sneak off for a while and soak in the Creation around me… utter paradise! My mind really was set free in those couple of days, somewhere in Tuscany…



  1. I find it utterly compelling. The stars make me dream. The wind makes me sing. The rain makes me dance. And I trust the energies I feel. I’m enjoying reading your posts.

  2. I’m the 100th person to like this post and that makes me feel special..Ha ha……You’re absolutely right. Different places touch your soul in different ways…Some move you to tears, some make you feel liberated in a giddy sort of way….The photos, video and article are merveilleux, paradisiac.

    1. Indeed you were! And that makes you totally special, of course. “Some move you to tears, some make you feel liberated in a giddy sort of way…” – couldn’t have put it better myself!! I hope you and your family are keeping well. Stay blessed, always.

      My love and regards.

  3. This is very powerful James. Thank you for sharing. I do not know where I would be without the healing power of nature. It draws me closer to God and gives me strength to face each new day. What an incredible quote by Elder Porphyrios.

    1. Honestly, nature and prayer are the two things that get me through this world. Two environments I get the chance to really cleanse my temple and connect… and yes, Elder Porphyrios must have been one extraordinary man! Very holy. Having read some of his works, and his words recently… I really am a big fan.

  4. Hi, soul traveler. I so enjoy your posts and feel the same about nature like you do. Being in nature makes me complete and real, as you beautifully put in perfect words, “sitting in nature I feel more understood” . As always “Minds together” from Cornelia

    1. Greetings dear Cornelia. I am glad somebody can relate. ‘Real’… yes. The reality of Creation is often impossible to overlook… maybe that’s just it. Thanks as always for sharing your inquisitive mind. J x

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