The Song of the Heart

You could spend an¬†eternity this way… floating between folds of time, no more a traveller or sage, years of searching simply washing away… nobody’s man and yet prisoner of the elements, caught up in a war between¬†swirling waters and burgeoning skies… perhaps this is eternity? …not a destination, but a hidden place between,¬†nearly impossible to find yet¬†kept in plain view, like all good things. Somewhere neither fixed nor¬†transitory, where past and present meet in a sweet embrace, and waters of Earth give way to the passage of the¬†heavens, great chariots of the deep crusading up towards the foothills of the Great…

This is the life you gave, with trembling hands; the offering of sweat and tears, the pact you made with the ever-changing¬†winds – the long and winding path unto the unseen gate, now returning to you once again… returning to He, the Lord of Grace.

You move about the earth, many months without a home or address, just a place to lay a hat, nowhere you could be looked-up and found, as borders and seasons seem to slip away into a great expanse, one ever-moving energy of life all around. All you have is the journey now, a pilgrimage within and without… this pilgrimage of truth, this passage of healing, this¬†testimony of faith. You are changed, there is no denying it, as your soul moves unburdened into¬†realms forbidden to you before… Looking back on your time seems folly now, for you are no longer there to be found. Those smiles have long since faded, being replaced by new loves, new light.

Many things begin to be revealed to you, in no short time – many truths of the human soul; revelations of the breath of life, the Created shell and crystalline domain…¬†Your very dreams ignite in a quest for holy fire, as burning stars shoot across the night; holy men and ancient rites move forth to test the waters of the soul, with¬†myrrh and oil. And you are reborn, in waters pure. Your true name is made you. You begin to see warnings of false prophets,¬†hidden in the celebrity eye, as at once you fall into places where ever the darkness surrounds the heart, and yet reluctantly bows to the secret Light pulsating from within… your time is not yet come, to shine, yet the Voice is calling from afar. You have a work to complete, if now is the time to rest, and await the Illumination of Spirit to fall.

Horizons are flashing before you, each more beautiful than before. Gratitude and love unconditional abound in the beatings of your chest. Your sorrows have been shattered, removed by the very Word of Command. Many doors have been opened, with voices beyond you have never heard, faces you haven’t seen, but minds you know well. The world has many ways, and the eyes have many ways to see‚Ķ to illuminate, and¬†to¬†blind. Without¬†you are silent, still, observing the¬†congregation¬†with¬†the eyes of your soul, yet within you are alight, alive and afire… awaiting the day your¬†Phoenix-song to sing.

This faith is true, dancing all around you. Finally it comes, the pathway you have been seeking these many years, a pathway made not of earth as you once expected, but of flowing rivers of light.¬†True faith is alive, lives and breathes, and leaves its mark on all it touches.¬†It does not need to be justified or even testified; Living Faith is evidence of itself. It is more than to see, it is more than to believe. It is to know‚Ķ It is not written and it cannot be seen, it is a melody, deep within, no thumping anthem or resounding triumphal score, not played at the ending or at the start, just a constant humming song, the song of the heart…


2019… what a terrible and wonderful year! I cannot give words to describe my journey within this time. It has been nothing, it has been everything. I sit here, writing this, in simple awe at all that has come, changed and awakened… there is much to be said of this season, much to be shown and tales to be told… in proper time.

I wish a Happy New Year to you all.
A year of Revelation and Truth to come.
With love, eternally.
James D.


  1. You captured the words of my heart that I couldn‚Äôt seem to pen myself, but it‚Äôs as if I am reliving every detail of my own experiences as I read your writing. Amazing my heart flows with a pleasing theme that no one could ever comprehend or so I thought. We are all on a journey that leads us back to the start. ‚ÄúI knew you before you were in your mother‚Äôs womb…‚ÄĚ

    1. Beloved daughter… you truly are a beloved daughter !
      I think we share deeply our experiences; albeit different lives, different outer motions, we are One in He… and One in Truth.
      Truth is universal and once we have received it we all feel it, in our personal private ways. I try to put down words that express this for myself, and I am always honoured when souls on the path feel it too.

      Thank you for your love ! And that quote from Prophet Jeremiah really struck me! I love it when a piece of Scripture is given. And it has been very well received by this Aesthete… so thank you.

      Peace be with you my friend. God bless your soul.

      1. May your life continue to shine for God’s glory to reach every part of the world. Wherever your feet take you, God will lift you up and cause you to shine His love out to a lost and desperately empty people in need of hope. You bring the cure for spiritual blindness, so keep moving and sharing! We will meet someday; I have no doubt.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, James. I love the poetry of this one. I especially love this phrase, “Living Faith is evidence of itself.” That speaks so deeply of where I’m at right now, and it can be hard a times, so thanks for that reminder.
    Peace, Anne.

  3. What a life you are living. Beautiful, beautiful. So down to earth, so earthly. Thank you for being like this. Thank you for allowing yourself to be like this. It’s beautiful, free.

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