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I find inspiration in many places. Of course. We all do.

I find the world has many problems… Yet, the world in its natural state, I see, has many answers. The solutions to the riddle of all existence lie around us. Many have found them before… not through power, not through riches or outward revolution… but within. Through complete sacrifice and yielding. Through stripping away of the ‘I’ and becoming part of the greater We.

I was looking at the water in a harbour in Greece somewhere, watching the little ripples moving in and out. It is fascinating to me how water moves; so smooth. For a fleeting moment it appears totally solid: like delicate, hand-blown glass. But ephemeral, momentary… temporary canyons, steep ravines and smooth peaks for the discerning eye. I noticed there something I had noticed long ago during one of my stays in Venice ~ no matter how filthy, dark and grim a body of water is, when the light shines upon it… it is rendered beautiful. When light shines upon anything it can reflect off, it magically transforms into a thing of beauty, a thing of power even… if we polish ourselves… well, just imagine… when Moses stepped off of Mount Sinai, according to the Bible, his face was so bright he had to wear a veil so as not to scare away the Israelites. Of course the light wasn’t his own… he had been sanctified by the Presence, by the power beyond Creation…

Have you ever seen somebody’s face shine, illuminated by an unexplainable light?

These things are surely something of fantasy, storybooks, legends and folktales… or are they? Perhaps to the daring soul, these things are indeed real, and… with blind faith, are an experience all may witness.

Water has been a great inspiration in my life and journey, and a great teacher. Like stars… there is always more to be seen. The longer you look, the more you see. All things hold a secret quality to those who have learnt how to look with the inner eyes. And the desert… of course the desert... the great wilderness of all life ~ a landscape which has called me many times… the one scene on earth which best reflects the current state of all terrestrial things.

“Make peace with yourself, and both the heaven and earth will make peace with you…” ~ St. Isaac the Syrian

Whether physically, or in a deeper sense, I am always in the desert. Searching for waters to quench the parched human soul.

That empty, unfathomable place… I have spent many days walking there, breathing it in, in a constant meditation, prayer with all around… After some time you see it – the desert is you. The desert is you… All that you are, the thirst of your soul, that delicate balance between a landscape that is both ‘constant’ and yet ever-changing, with all its darkness and light. The human struggle of emptying, yielding to a greater will and force. The sacrifice of our little self to the ‘greater’ self… When respected and understood the desert is a sort of paradise; when abused, neglected or misunderstood… it is perilous, burning, unforgiving. The soul is desert. We are wandering through waterless lands.

While at first it seems empty, as eyes adjust to a new light you begin to see its life everywhere. Once you make peace with your soul, ‘the desert within’, you find oasis in all things, all things sing, all things become as they are meant to be… One.

And life unlocks its mystery before your eyes.

Within all that has been happening of late, I have been feeling the blessings, at times showering in euphoric waves ! Have you felt it? A quiet during a storm… a shelter. Chaos brewing all around, yet stillness within… like waiting, a preparation for a holy war… the falling of stars.

I have been taking time for me… with my blood, spreading out shallow roots into a green earth I find myself held temporarily within. We all need to nest a little, and the pastures of my soul have needed a little watering. I remain closely connected to my pathway, and those near to it, and will not wander far this year… (although even at writing the earth seems to be moving beneath me, yet my feet hold still…) My current ‘dwelling’ shelters us from this storm, which undoubtedly is not yet passed… this is why I am less outwardly present to some. But soul always searches for clean waters, and my prostrations create space for a higher connection…

I have been in my ‘desert’… the one within.
You know what I mean by now…

Some of you know I ‘lost’ a soul who was very close to me in this current season, taken by one of the beasts who have been set free recently… (you may assume you understand what I say, that all things are done with evil intent, but whether done with purpose or not, the result is the same)… But there are many ways to conquer and to crusade, and I choose always the way of peace, and growth, the one that lifts me away from the gnawing teeth of metal, of machine and burnt-out flesh; always, upwards, journeying to the One. What comes next for me in the outward sense is unclear to the mind, hidden to the philosopher and those trying to make legacy upon the sinking sands of progress… but there are many of you who know.

And what of travel? Well… I read… if all colours combine they become what is called by humans ‘pure’ white. Let us say that I don’t believe I have yet collected all my colours from the earth… there are a few beauties, I believe at least, I have yet to bare witness to. One way or another, the flame lives on… as does the mission. The only ‘fear’ I can feel right now… is a fear of a world without love.

All things, even broken things, can be restored… but not to what they were before… all things in Creation move eternally to something greater. As they were First intended to be. Yes, we are set to lose many things, many ways, ideas and histories… but what we are set to inherit is a far Greater Thing, the One thing. There is a little chaos leading up to birth. And to be reborn means to die to the old. I have seen death now… and I have heard the voice of those who will not let go of death. It is not for human ears.

We must always be strong, we must always be faithful, we must always forgive, and love. For the One who we follow is not all the things of this world; He is One thing… He is love.

And in love, we are one
… in He.

J x

Photos are from India and parts of Africa.

Prayers please for my Loucas, who left us some weeks ago now.
He is in the ether, between realms, waiting to be laid finally to rest in Greek soil of his homeland.
Our prayers nourish those souls who are unable, albeit temporary, to pass over fully into the greater journey and the final place…
May our prayers be a song of life to those in waiting for the final Word.

Memory eternal.
May peace be with you always.


  1. Reading “the water shines when light hits it” brought to mind the thought that when we have Christ within us our faces shine, our eyes show peace and showing love towards others is one of our goals. May you keep shining the light of Jesus to this world.
    So sorry for your loss, blessings, Elfriede

  2. The write-up flows like water in a stream, shining softly… Oh, what a wonderful melody (both the post as well as the suggested track).

    Prayers and peace for Loucas.

    God bless all!
    Thank you

  3. Thanks to following my blog, I checked yours out and learnt a new word 👍😜 Your blog really moved me James – your analogy of water, desert and colours was so beautiful and something that really resonated with my spirit. My only issue is that I had to check out your about page to see whether the ‘He’ was my Christian God or some another religions god… 🤗

  4. This is so beautiful. Even as I do not know your full story, your words resonate with my story… every story. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing yours. Take care of you.

    1. Thank you Karen ! I am touched by your words… so beautiful. We share Our Story. We have One Creator. Love to you my friend, may your days be blessed always! Jxx

  5. James, your writing is a gorgeous melody. I am so grateful for the care and kindness with which you write, in which you share your faith with the Father. I pray that, today, you are able to be still with Him and that He continues to speak over you in tangible ways so that you can hear the singing over you. Grateful that you share your life and thoughts in a place where those of us who are half a world away can still be enthralled by and filled up with your wisdom and experiences. The Lord bless you and keep you!

    1. My soul is honoured by this comment… and very very touched. What a beautiful prayer.
      God bless you my sweet friend. May we be lifted in His Holy Name, and return home… Thank you.

  6. This is such an amazing post and a rare one at that, probably because you are a rare soul. I hope you spread your faith and stories far and wide, as they need to be told. I feel I can call you a friend and am so glad for your follow. God bless and keep you on your wonderful amazing Jesus journey. I will be looking forward to your posts.

    1. Thank you Caroline… I am honoured to share and I would love to share more and more, farther and wider… God willing. And yes, we are most certainly friends. I feel it too… May the Light of Our Christ bless you always, dear spirit.

      Peace be upon your soul, and your heart… Jx

  7. May the peace be spread all over the world, like a ” positive virus”. Peace and understanding each other, communicating with each other in a kind and compassionate way, without any division of color and believe. We are all breathing the same air.

    1. Amen !! Thank you Cornelia. Thank you.
      Yes yes yes. We must have understanding and a deeper communication in these times, and all times…
      We are breathing the same air and we are all children of the same Father. We must love, be patient and forgiving.

      We are all learning… and true learning takes a very long time…


  8. This is a beautiful post and brought to mind this quote. ~ “
    Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” “Everything in the universe is a pitcher brimming with wisdom and beauty.” “The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart.”
    Peace be with you as well my brother. 🌎 ✌🏻💙

    1. Thank you my friend for the quotes and love.
      I have been referred to the writings of Rumi many times, among other writers, and I must say I have yet to read them for myself. But I am sure such a time will come. Very beautiful quotes and such truth !!
      I also just read your own poem to your Father… very beautiful, my soul. Very sweet and soul touching…

      Thank you.
      Peace be upon you !

  9. Thanks for following sir. Please tell what did you see to follow me as I am not promoting it and 8 hv a very fewer followers.
    And please guide how I can improve this blog.
    Thanks a lot.
    By the way I am a licensed Getty images photographer 😊

    1. I saw !

      One way or another we are connected now my friend. And I am so glad for it.
      We are together now. Share from your heart; live in the passion of your love. Let your love sing…
      This is all I do, and all I have ever tried to do… the rest of the ‘details’ will come.

      Keep sharing.

  10. Sending on love and peace for Loucas and You! Beautiful words and photos. There is so much beauty in the world and within all life, even though the dark has attempted to smother it, cover it with lies and illusions and weaponry. The light can never be extinguished. Love can never be extinguished. Truth can never be extinguished.

    Love to you friend, katelon

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