The Inner River


“Now the long road of the pilgrimage meets the path of the nile…
Canyons of orange and beige roll down into empty dells of rust and bone; dusted staircases and shattered statues licked with gold. Pillars of alabaster split the horizon and strange mountains rise like chiselled breasts, mocking the sky.

Kingfishers glide across braided ripples of copper and blue: crown of Ramses emblazoned by the fire of a sleepy star. The memory of every great and terrible tale from the last three thousand years lingers here, sucked in by the skeleton-like temples and shattered halls of Amun and Ra, whispering to pilgrims and natives sweet tales of the past. Plagues and storms battered these walls; bare they remain, like bodies all stripped of flesh and colour, revealing root and marrow bleached ivory white in the sun’s glare… a folly to the Infinite God.

Some say that you’ve been here in before. You answer simply that you never left.
Your very body is made of the deeds of all those who walked in the past, from the ashes of ancient woodlands, the dew of forgotten summers, from the dust of empires fallen, of distant caravans and sacred oaths.

The earth has turned, borders have moved, but now finally your feet have found her soil, a passage written on the threads of your heart; a bond inked into your very blood.

The inner river finally reaches the outer shore.”


Click the link below to read the full story of my time basking in the mystic beauty
and ruinous wonder of ancient Karnak, Egypt.

The Path of the Nile

All photos, video clips and words are by me from my last trip to Egypt in Spring last year.
I have flights booked to return in a couple of weeks…
Please pray for my journey.
Chase your bliss. Follow your heart.
Always laugh. Always cry. Always love. Always be thankful.
And know that the Helper always comes to those who ask.
In Love… Jx


  1. This post is absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed every poetic flow of words, James.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Sending prayers for your next sojourn in Egypt.🙏🏾

    Hope all aligns for you. Take CARE and be safe as you experience the next adventure.

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