Today We Live

What if you saw your life flash before your eyes?
In a blink, every scene, every moment, winking by in a flip-book of memory.
Would you be happy?
What would you see?
Would you be proud, satisfied,
Content with all your choices, with all that you have achieved?

What about regret?
What about all the moments of sadness and grief, and loss?
All those chances you missed….
All those times you could have risen up and conquered your fears,
Took this life head-on and made your dreams your reality.

How many times did you take the easy option?
How many times did you give-up?
How many times did you refuse to fall?

Did you hold it all together, tightly-gripped,
Or were you brave enough to let go?
Did you howl at the moon, dance barefoot around the coals,
Sing to the stars, and live by the Truth of your soul?

Who would you remember?
Who would you see?
Which places made a mark on your heart,
And etched themselves into your memory?

What would you do if you had your time again?

…Perhaps it’s possible to always feel this way?
To constantly hold the remembrance of all that is Good,
Of all that holds True Purpose, of all that You Really Are.

Perhaps tomorrow we die.

Whether for a single moment or for a hundred years,
today we live.
That much is sure.

So what will you do with your time?


In love,


  1. Eloquent, thoughtful poem beautifully narrated on the video! Wonderful post, James! I am 72 and am sifting through my memories and reflecting back on my life. Many of the questions in the poem are questions I have pondered.

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl! You being 72 reading my thoughts and responding is such an honour for me.
      I am 31 and still have so much to share in, and learn… it brings me peace to know the journey goes ever on, the lessons and questions still remain… Sending you a light for the road ahead… Jx

  2. This is so thought provoking. I’ve often pondered the very same things. What are the moments i wish I could do over and the moments that lit the sky for me? I remember when Dad put me on his shoulders and we watched the sunset together, when I sat up in the trees listening to a waterfall gently touching the waters below it. I remember the joy when I brought a child into this world, when we stomped into rain puddles and the moments sitting on the edge of the walkway eating ice cream together. Time is such an illusion and we all think it goes so quickly, but when we slow it all down right into this moment, the most important thing ever are the breaths we take and those beautiful moments that take our breath away. Love in this very moment is the most breathtaking of all….

    1. So so true, my friend. Such beautiful moments you shared… absolutely priceless. These little things are everything. The sun. The water. Sky. Tree. Mountain. Family. Love. Thanksgiving. Holding hands. Watching the fire dance… snow fall. Rain on skin… I can only imagine such wonder as the birth of a child. Maybe one day… I love the idea of slowing time down… it happens. We really can bring time down to passing minutes, and, maybe, even precious glimpses of eternity… much to meditate on.

      Wishing you peace as ever.

      1. All of the things you mentioned are just captivating. I think I can watch fire crackle for hours. Its amazing how each of the elements are so beautiful and yet out of control can be so destructive. As for bringing a child into the world, I don’t feel a moment passes that I don’t think of Christina’s beautiful eyes looking at me for the first time. A new soul. A true miracle. Tonight we had a huge thunder storm with lightening and large hail. Amazing how loud nature can be and then when its over there is a peace I feel I can only hear if I close my eyes and just breathe…..Peace back to you …

  3. Guess you’ve asked what each one of us should be asking ourselves. Guess it’s also uncomfortable facing the answers we may discover. Still if we’re able to feel our pangs it simply means we’ve evolved in some way.
    Beautiful presentation of images and words.

  4. Dear James, as always I adore your work filled with spiritual thoughts and wisdom. I ask myself those questions on a regular basis and the older I get, the more I practice my believe, the more I come to the conclusion that everything that happened to and with me has been for a purpose, if it was good or bad. Eventually it has made me the person I have become. Wishing you always much joy on your spiritual journey.

    1. That is such a wonderful response, Cornelia. I absolutely relate and agree. So many triumphs and failures in my own life. I guess the failures are so well documented though ha! But all is part of a Great Plan and I am thankful for it all. Art can be a great prompt, a reminder to keep going and embrace each moment for its own, without fears blocking us. It is a reminder I also need too, even after all these years… Wishing you all the Light in the universe. Jx

  5. I am new to your space and have just spent the better part of two hours exploring. Your photography evokes emotion, and your words truly inspire. You are definitely living the experience. Safe travels.

    1. Guess you’ve asked what each one of us should be asking ourselves. Though facing the answers can actually be uncomfortable , frankly…..yet if we do feel the pangs it means we have evolved in some way … Beautiful way of presentation of images and words.

      1. Yes…. The Truth of life can be terrifying! But also liberating… I experience both things nearly all the time. I have to be reminded that all the good powers I have felt in this life have been once I have stepped into the dark, into the unknown and broke the invisible walls of fear, blown through their smoke my own destiny and purpose. Thanks for commenting 🦋

  6. Salvation isn’t really earned ,just faith and trust in believing. 🙏
    Living with the here and now moment is free from beginning and end, no past only a moment without the worries of tomorrow.

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