Hold On To Your Faith

…and Believe in Your Heart

“Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.” – Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


…even if a thing feels totally and wholly like an ending, perhaps even the very ‘end’ itself, quite often, in time, you will see it was just the beginning of a whole new journey, a journey you never imagined you would take. A journey you never asked for, but one that would ultimately change the course of your life forever… and perhaps beyond… and beyond… and beyond.

Each thing is a sign of another, and I am learning, slowly, to accept each change of plan or ‘failure’ as a blessing, rather than a curse or set-back. Every single day I step out of the door (wherever I happen to be in the world) and that simple thing is a blessing, a miracle, and something to be so very thankful for. I am still going, still trying, still fighting, laughing, crying and searching… and, somehow, I still don’t want to give up, no matter what life throws at me. I am still trying to win. There is still so very much I want to do, and the list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter the more I tick things off.

My faith is tried and tested, and yet I still hold on to it, firmly… from time to time my hand has slackened, but still it remains, miraculously burns on.

Increasingly I’m finding serendipitous meetings and timings surfacing in my life, cropping up all over, in unexpected places and in bizarre fashions… it’s utterly magical, strange, sometimes bewildwering. I realise they have always been there, these sorts of happenings and signs, on the periphery, but sometimes I seem to shut myself off and ‘go my own way’… oddly, I always end up back at the same place I would have ended up if I’d taken mind of ‘the signs’ in the first place… perhaps not so strange, really.

But one thing I realise, time and time again, is that faith is the very thing that binds the human existence to the surrounding universe.

Belief, in something – in goodness, in the universe, in God, science, Creation, music, yourself – or even belief in success, physical fitness, popularity, wealth – in any thing or idea ‘greater’, ‘omnipresent’ or ‘beyond’ our mundane reality – this phenomenon, that intrinsically resides somewhere within all people, the ability to believe in something unseen, a movement or an ideal, this in turn creates purpose… and purpose is everything to progress and contentment, happiness, joy and sanity.

Without purpose nothing would exist.
Once you accept that belief in the ‘unseen’ is paramount to our existence, then, my friends, your journey will really begin… seek, truly seek, and Truth will be revealed to you.

Creation is purpose. Everything in this world ‘purposes’ to survive, intends to grow, mature, inspire and spread seeds… we are no different from anything else in Creation.

People have often asked me what my raison d’etre is… and I’ve finally found it.

My raison d’etre is to have a raison d’etre.

To have a reason to live is everything and all that I need.
And I know my reason to live…

Do you have a raison d’etre? Something to give thanks for? Something to get out of bed for, a dream you have yet to accomplish, a place yet to explore, a feat yet to achieve? If so, then you have everything you need…

To take a journey.
To make a break, start afresh, begin a legacy.

So let’s make some magic.
Let’s be bold.
Let’s live to discover, to build, to achieve.

Like every great person in history,
Let’s live for the journey, the becoming.
Not ‘the became’… not ‘the was’
…but the ‘will be’…


Self-portraits taken on the Tomb of Zechariah in the Kidron Valley, Jerusalem.
The final picture taken on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, by Ana-Maria Leonte.







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  1. 🦋 I LOVE creation.

    Beautifully written.

    Thank you for following me. I hope you enjoy my simplistic posts.

    On a unrelated note, I asked my husband what an Aesthete was. In his findings he read: “someone who claims to be concerned only with matters of art and beauty is known as an aesthete. Depending on the way he goes about it, he might also be known as a snob.” http://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/aesthete

    Be assured, I like artists, lovers of beauty and I have been to known to like snobs too. 😉

    I look forward to following you. – Chrissy

    1. And Creation loves You!

      In some ways I am definitely a snob, sure, but not perhaps in the usual sense of the word. I certainly used to be more of a typical ‘aesthete’ by definition, but the name of this blog in fact pre-dates my worldly travels, pilgrimage and greater journey, a fact I rather enjoy and haven’t actually talked about an awful lot.

      I wouldn’t like to profess to have ‘changed’ but I have certainly evolved, so to speak, and in some ways the aesthete title is a little outdated… still, I love it. It reminds me of everything that excited me to travel in the first place, of all the aesthetic treasures I was so very keen to see, and of the stunning reality my ‘dreams’ turned out to be.

      The idea of travel is strong but always an ‘ideal’, a perfect notion – the thing is self has time and time again turned out to be so very much deeper, more emotional, alive and powerful. Yet, it is always that inital ‘notion’ that inspires me to travel to new places. Somehow, the aesthete/snob/culturecreep in me inspires the pensive, deeper, more soulful version of myself, and vice versa. It’s a happy marriage, for the greater part, with the occasional difference of opinion 😉

      So, yes, I am an aesthete, but a ‘James’ kind of one.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page, read my post and for your interesting comment. It means an awful lot and I am truly happy to connect with you.

      Looking forward to sharing a lot more of our journeys.


      1. I’m so pleased you responded in a positive way.

        I’m getting a little old for some journeys but life is full of journeys whether it be near or far, physically or a change in circumstances.

  2. I miss your words, and it feels like therapeutic for me to just read and be mesmerized with the pureness of your heart. Wherever you are right now, am sending my prayer and lots of hugs and kisses you deserve. I am literally in the vast blue ocean wandering my thoughts and simply offering a gratitude of prayer for you while enjoying long weekend vacation with friends and extended family. Enjoy yours dear 😘

    1. <3 I am deeply honoured by you!

      I have received your blessing at just the perfect time… and I am full of peace 🙂

      I am busying away, preparing for the next leg of my journey and taking some down time to re-centre and re-calibrate…

      Thank you deeply for sharing your Power.
      I am looking forward to sharing much more.

      Wishing you Eternal Peace, Endless Love and Infinite Light.


  3. You write beautifully. You write thoughtfully. You cause reflection. I liked, “But one thing I realise, time and time again, is that faith is the very thing that binds the human existence to the surrounding universe.” Yes, faith and gratitude as we reach out in compassion to one another…. and acknowledge our Oneness..thank you for visiting JanBeek. Your “like” allowed me to find you. I’m grateful!

  4. This makes me wish I was young again! Holding onto faith. Yes, I know all about that. When we are tested beyond endurance. When we are stripoed of all that we ever were or knew. This happened to me – and still I go on. In the face of great pain a d difficulties. But I find that the more this gappens, the mire I shine. Well that is what people tell me. Being tested makes us whowe are in the end, goid bit of writing. I liked reading it

    1. …Indeed! We are far stronger, beneath it all, than we think. We are beautiful, powerful beings and have a lot to give, and give, and give again. Fear often holds us back, in one way or another. Fear is the greatest deception… but Faith beats it every time, because Faith goes much deeper in our being.

      Thanks for commenting.
      Keep shining!

  5. Never more timely a message I’d like to send out to discouraged friends who need to read this. Thank you and blessings to you. Looking forward to your next post.

  6. Thanks James, deeply touching as always.

    My luving situation recently ended, so I’m cast out into the river of temporary housing as I cast out my dreams in several directions to see where the universe is to lead me next on this journey of faith. I’m yet to see where I’ll be sharing my gifts, talents and love next 🙂

    Be well my friend. Lovely portraits.

    Love, katelon

    1. Thank You, Katelon.

      Wishing you all the very best with your next transition period! I have been there so many times and so can totally relate to your situation and your dream-casting. Your beautiful gifts will surely bring you swiftly to your next ‘home’ where I know you will shine to those close to you, and beyond…

      Sending you blessings and good faith.
      With heart, James.

  7. That’s a lovely message and all. It’s funny and it’s infuriating, confusing and completely clear. To me, only because of my own ideology. I tip my hat to you good sir. And thank you for your patronage. Like a modern day magician your aesthetic is my distraction as I do a neat slight of hand trick, and work behind the curtains. We all know the assistant does the majority of the work 😉

    1. Yes, I am a sort of magician I guess… I like your metaphor! Thank you, Mystic Mother, for reading and joining me on my journey too. Best fortune for yours… Jx

  8. Faith. Yes, that which keeps us going ahead. When our world which was stable and happy turns upside down ever so slowly, or suddenly as the wink of an eye, this deep-rooted belief that this too is ephemeral is what keeps us going.
    A month ago Kerala was swept by a deluge leaving thousands whose lives will never be the same again, having to start from scratch. Posts such as yours are as consoling as a heartfelt prayer.

    1. I am deeply-saddened to read of Kerala’s recent turbulent weather and floods… It is a place high up on my list next time I’m in Asia. Like you say, Life can pull the rug from beneath your feet when you least expect it… which is why it’s so important to be actively thankful for all we hold dear, and to remind ourselves to do so… it’s so easy to forget. I hope the people of India keep true to their faith. There are such beautiful strong spirits in that land. I’m glad this post reached you… I hope you and all you loved ones are okay. Were you affected at all by the floods? Sending you my best, as always… Jx

      1. No we were all safe, except for my daughter who does her studies in one of the affected cities. She had to get food from the relief camps and spent a few days with meeting basic needs becoming a real struggle. She learnt that money as such was just paper which couldn’t fill the stomach, nor serve as sanitary napkins. Though as a mother I was saddened by her experience I am happy for the lessons she learned. A great lesson in sensitivity to fellow beings.
        Thank you for enquiring. Thanks to technology, it’s heartening to receive love from all corners of the world.

        1. Wow, she really has experienced something there – an experience that will surely be a blessing in time, but a deep hardship nonetheless. So poignant your comments on money… so very poignant. I’m sure many more of us will live to learn this lesson in time, as we progress into a new age of man.

          Thank you for sharing. My kindest regards from the UK to you and yours.


  9. Very lovely and meaningful post, and your words of encouragement brightened my day. Bless you for your faith and being true to your path in being, and becoming. So it is and shall be.

    1. Yes! I am so glad this reached you today and that you took the time to reply. Means a lot. “So it is and shall be”… perfect. A thousand blessings and eternal light.


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