A New Day

A whole new day has dawned in my life!
And I couldn’t be more grateful, more alive, or more in love.

This most recent ‘journey’ has brought me so much peace and illumination. I feel so blessed to be alive, to be given another chance to roam this earth and carry on my journey as a seeker, a student of growth, inspiration and healing! What a blessing to yet again witness so many changing skies, to connect and learn from so many ‘teachers’ on the Road, and to once again be given strong guidance and direction for the next steps in the Global Pilgrimage of my Life on Earth.

It is an exciting time to be alive, for me. From the ashes of my past deeds and incarnation, I have been reborn… Hallelujah!

Those of you who have followed this blog for some time, may or may not know that I travel almost constantly, tending to move around every few months to a new place. This all started for me at the end of 2012 with my first month in Greece, and then I carried the ‘travel torch’ onwards through a couple of years in Italy, beautiful chapters of my life, heading back to Greece at the end of 2014 to reflect and think of the next stage of my journey ahead…

Then came the real ‘boom’ of my travels; the time when the first great ‘arc’ of my adventures began was between 2015 to around 2017/2018 ~ first with India, three trips to Ghana, some months in The Gambia and Senegal, then onto three trips in Morocco, some time in The Holy Land, and of course plenty more Europe spliced in the gaps.

What a whirlwind those years were! So much adventure; a kaleidoscope of landscapes, nature and cultures. I used to count my blessings daily, feeling often like I was living in a dream, a vivid fantasy I’d conjured up. There were many struggles and a lot of hard work, but always I had the Journey firmly in my sights, always inspired and joyful in my pursuit of Life.

Around the end of 2017 into 2018 and even up to 19, whilst still keeping up with my travelling dreams, I encountered problems, health hurdles, closed doors, plans failing, a feeling of ‘fighting’ against a tide… all sorts of battles and ‘failures’ let’s say. I had been seeking a change for a while, a way to evolve, metamorphose my journey onto the next level, but I’d been struggling to find answers, all the while drifting slowly away from ‘the source’ and the initial spark of Magic and Faith that set my journey in motion. I felt as though I was clutching rather at the ‘torch’ of travel that had seemingly been passed to me (like a key, perhaps) every time I stayed for a month or so in Greece between these travel ‘arcs’…

But now… a new ‘arc’ has begun. Really and truly, I tell you now, I have never in my life felt so whole or sure of this journey, of my calling, or of who I am.

The peace I feel right now, even sitting here in front of a laptop, a single candle lit on my temporary ‘prayer station’ (which appears to ignite itself sometimes… story for another time), the peace I feel is incredible and is the thing I’ve been searching to get back for some years maybe…

I started this ‘new book’ in May this year, upon packing two little bags (one of which I ditched two weeks into the trip as I found I didn’t ‘need’ it) and heading to Venice, Italy, on a one-way ticket. I had no real idea why, or what I was going to do. I had come to a crossroads in my life. I was fully aware and accepting of it. So, I decided to do what I always do when I hit these kinds of ‘walls’ ~ nothing. At least nothing more than jumping on a plane to whatever particular place seemed to be calling to my soul. I booked no onward travel or accommodation in advance, and decided to let the journey take over… and let the answers come to me…

which they absolutely did <3


I assure you my trip to Greece was totally unplanned.
Things began to fall into place, other ideas ‘fell away’ in perfect timing.

I had all sorts of options: considered staying in Florence again, checked-out jobs, applied for more Art Modelling positions in a couple art schools, volunteering opportunities, ‘couch surfing’, working in hostels, friends in other countries, foreign places that might give me some direction, probably more things that I can’t remember… suddenly Greece came into the picture, the timing was exact, flight prices were right, and before I knew it I was on a plane over from Rome after four weeks wandering Italy.

I came to Greece at a very special time. A day before the Holy Spirit holiday which is very important in Orthodoxy. My God Mother collected me, told me about a holy man, a priest, and a sacred mount in Athens where thousands go for healing… the timing of the ‘Spirit Holiday’ was the perfect time and ‘energy’ to go… so we did. Slept in the car, to be there with the sunrise…

The experience I had on that mount was absolutely divine intervention in my life. My meeting with the holy man himself was no chance, happened in the perfect way where I got the chance to have a one-on-one encounter with him once everybody had left. I get nerves and chills even just thinking back to that moment, to those eyes and that energy… my hands tremble as I write… he took me away from myself and performed some powerful healing on me that I am yet to fully understand… but ‘see’ 100% the change within myself… just as he ‘saw’ me, like nobody ever has in my life. The feeling was indescribable…

The most unbelievable experience of my life so far!

He had some prophecy for me also… of what will happen next in my life, and what would happen from that moment on… He said some bigs things that I’m not quite ready to reveal yet, until they fully take place at least. But wow… my ‘journey’ is about to get big… bigger than before… bigger than ever before…

I am such a blessed man.

So blessed!

I feel as though I have been given yet another chance, a clean slate within my Creation, a chance to ‘evolve’ and manifest my whole form anew… I have discovered some truths I was already close to touching, but on a much deeper level, now they are truly a living part of me…

One of them you know too; deep down you have always known it, from the day you were born here, and before… God is love.

God is only love. His will is love and permeates all Creation and you are a very important part of that story, of that love. Each hair on our heads is part of It, each bird in the sky, every wave in the ocean, every leaf is a part of It. Every child is a child of God, and I pray for each and every one of you reading this that the ‘truth’ of this grows like the purest Light within you. So that you don’t just believe it, but you know it, with every part of your being, that you truly know you are so so loved by the most powerful and as yet unseen force in this universe, the very essence of this universe, the very essence of you.

It is love.
Only love.
You are a vital spark of It.
All of us together
make up the whole of It.
And we are all suppose
to live in love,
every second,
of every day.
Give nothing of yourself
without love,
and you will
inherit the key to life.

And be shown The Way… <3

I love you.
(read it again)
Whoever you are,
Whatever you have done,
I, too, truly love you.
Because I am
also a spark of It.

God has given me,
Reminded me perhaps,
Of the Greatest Love.
And I wish to share in that
With you all… forever.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.
Whether you are a new reader or old.
There are some beautiful times ahead for us all.

Ever and anon,
in love, and only love,

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  1. Viewing all these nature photos, I must affirm God is love and goodness. May His blessings be upon you as you continue your global journey in the pilgrimage of faith. I believe one’s faith is nurtured faster and better by traveling around the world and experiencing different people of various cultures.

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