A New Day

A whole new day has dawned in my life!
And I couldn’t be more grateful, more alive, or more in love.

This most recent ‘journey’ has brought me so much peace and illumination. I feel so blessed to be alive, to be given another chance to roam this earth and carry on my journey as a seeker, a student of growth, inspiration and healing! What a blessing to yet again witness so many changing skies, to connect and learn from so many ‘teachers’ on the Road, and to once again be given strong guidance and direction for the next steps in the Global Pilgrimage of my Life on Earth.

It is an exciting time to be alive, for me. From the ashes of my past deeds and incarnation, I have been reborn… Hallelujah!

Those of you who have followed this blog for some time, may or may not know that I travel almost constantly, tending to move around every few months to a new place. This all started for me at the end of 2012 with my first month in Greece, and then I carried the ‘travel torch’ onwards through a couple of years in Italy, beautiful chapters of my life, heading back to Greece at the end of 2014 to reflect and think of the next stage of my journey ahead…

Then came the real ‘boom’ of my travels; the time when the first great ‘arc’ of my adventures began was between 2015 to around 2017/2018 ~ first with India, three trips to Ghana, some months in The Gambia and Senegal, then onto three trips in Morocco, some time in The Holy Land, and of course plenty more Europe spliced in the gaps.

What a whirlwind those years were! So much adventure; a kaleidoscope of landscapes, nature and cultures. I used to count my blessings daily, feeling often like I was living in a dream, a vivid fantasy I’d conjured up. There were many struggles and a lot of hard work, but always I had the Journey firmly in my sights, always inspired and joyful in my pursuit of Life.

Around the end of 2017 into 2018 and even up to 19, whilst still keeping up with my travelling dreams, I encountered problems, health hurdles, closed doors, plans failing, a feeling of ‘fighting’ against a tide… all sorts of battles and ‘failures’ let’s say. I had been seeking a change for a while, a way to evolve, metamorphose my journey onto the next level, but I’d been struggling to find answers, all the while drifting slowly away from ‘the source’ and the initial spark of Magic and Faith that set my journey in motion. I felt as though I was clutching rather at the ‘torch’ of travel that had seemingly been passed to me (like a key, perhaps) every time I stayed for a month or so in Greece between these travel ‘arcs’…

But now… a new ‘arc’ has begun. Really and truly, I tell you now, I have never in my life felt so whole or sure of this journey, of my calling, or of who I am.

The peace I feel right now, even sitting here in front of a laptop, a single candle lit on my temporary ‘prayer station’ (which appears to ignite itself sometimes… story for another time), the peace I feel is incredible and is the thing I’ve been searching to get back for some years maybe…

I started this ‘new book’ in May this year, upon packing two little bags (one of which I ditched two weeks into the trip as I found I didn’t ‘need’ it) and heading to Venice, Italy, on a one-way ticket. I had no real idea why, or what I was going to do. I had come to a crossroads in my life. I was fully aware and accepting of it. So, I decided to do what I always do when I hit these kinds of ‘walls’ ~ nothing. At least nothing more than jumping on a plane to whatever particular place seemed to be calling to my soul. I booked no onward travel or accommodation in advance, and decided to let the journey take over… and let the answers come to me…

which they absolutely did <3


I assure you my trip to Greece was totally unplanned.
Things began to fall into place, other ideas ‘fell away’ in perfect timing.

I had all sorts of options: considered staying in Florence again, checked-out jobs, applied for more Art Modelling positions in a couple art schools, volunteering opportunities, ‘couch surfing’, working in hostels, friends in other countries, foreign places that might give me some direction, probably more things that I can’t remember… suddenly Greece came into the picture, the timing was exact, flight prices were right, and before I knew it I was on a plane over from Rome after four weeks wandering Italy.

I came to Greece at a very special time. A day before the Holy Spirit holiday which is very important in Orthodoxy. My God Mother collected me, told me about a holy man, a priest, and a sacred mount in Athens where thousands go for healing… the timing of the ‘Spirit Holiday’ was the perfect time and ‘energy’ to go… so we did. Slept in the car, to be there with the sunrise…

The experience I had on that mount was absolutely divine intervention in my life. My meeting with the holy man himself was no chance, happened in the perfect way where I got the chance to have a one-on-one encounter with him once everybody had left. I get nerves and chills even just thinking back to that moment, to those eyes and that energy… my hands tremble as I write… he took me away from myself and performed some powerful healing on me that I am yet to fully understand… but ‘see’ 100% the change within myself… just as he ‘saw’ me, like nobody ever has in my life. The feeling was indescribable…

The most unbelievable experience of my life so far!

He had some prophecy for me also… of what will happen next in my life, and what would happen from that moment on… He said some bigs things that I’m not quite ready to reveal yet, until they fully take place at least. But wow… my ‘journey’ is about to get big… bigger than before… bigger than ever before…

I am such a blessed man.

So blessed!

I feel as though I have been given yet another chance, a clean slate within my Creation, a chance to ‘evolve’ and manifest my whole form anew… I have discovered some truths I was already close to touching, but on a much deeper level, now they are truly a living part of me…

One of them you know too; deep down you have always known it, from the day you were born here, and before… God is love.

God is only love. His will is love and permeates all Creation and you are a very important part of that story, of that love. Each hair on our heads is part of It, each bird in the sky, every wave in the ocean, every leaf is a part of It. Every child is a child of God, and I pray for each and every one of you reading this that the ‘truth’ of this grows like the purest Light within you. So that you don’t just believe it, but you know it, with every part of your being, that you truly know you are so so loved by the most powerful and as yet unseen force in this universe, the very essence of this universe, the very essence of you.

It is love.
Only love.
You are a vital spark of It.
All of us together
make up the whole of It.
And we are all suppose
to live in love,
every second,
of every day.
Give nothing of yourself
without love,
and you will
inherit the key to life.

And be shown The Way… <3

I love you.
(read it again)
Whoever you are,
Whatever you have done,
I, too, truly love you.
Because I am
also a spark of It.

God has given me,
Reminded me perhaps,
Of the Greatest Love.
And I wish to share in that
With you all… forever.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.
Whether you are a new reader or old.
There are some beautiful times ahead for us all.

Ever and anon,
in love, and only love,

footnote ~ share my stories with anyone you think they may touch; share with me your own inspiring stories of healing, faith and travel; link your favourite posts or articles, engage with others and with me whenever you feel the Call. I want this site to always be a site of inspiration and love, and whilst I encourage freedom of speech, I will always discourage and remove any hate. There is no time for that. Time, on earth at least, moves forward quickly, and our lives here are short and steep. Let’s help each other to learn the lessons we need to learn whilst we share this period of time. I can always be reached, as some of you know, at diary.aesthete@yahoo.co.uk if you prefer to reach out that way. I will always reply in time, if not straight away… even if I find your emails in the spam folder! (which I often do for some reason…) <3


  1. I keep getting drawn to the second video over and over again. When you talk about Him (starting at 4:45) I see His light in you. I know that you have truly and deeply experienced Him. It takes one to know one 😉 It is so beautiful to watch. I’m so happy for you. Stay in touch with Him and everything will be awesome for you. Much love and peace from across the pond!

    1. Wow… you know you’ve just brought my attention back to something that already seems like a lifetime ago… and yet so powerful and resonant in these days we are experiencing. I felt something very strong come over me once again as I watched that second video and the bit you mentioned… one that I’d almost forgotten about. A nice reminder of why making videos and capturing and sharing these moments is so important… for me also. So thank you my sister in Christ, for reflecting the Light back to me, and for your own words… I have to stay with Him now, He has made that clear, and reminds me always, as He has done just now… through you 🙂

      Much love back to you.
      May God bless your precious soul.

  2. Hello you!
    First of I wish you are keeping healthy and safe during these times. Being an avid traveller, I must say you must be feeling the zeal to jump out and be exploring again. After reading a few of your blogs, I have really been touched by your journey. How did you enjoy your travel to India?

    Hope you keep finding yourself in new roles and doing new things! 🌸

    Best of luck on the book. Keep shining 💜

    1. Yes of course I am feeling it ! The burning desire as always, there is no denying that. But I have learnt to be like the wind, blowing and nobody knows where, me included most of the time… guided more and more by the heart. I am so thrilled my journey has touched you… so much has been and gone and yet there is still more to share. Always.

      I loved India so very much and I pray to return one day soon, if the Will is for me to fly again. You keep shining too dear soul, and thanks for commenting and resting your wings in my little sanctuary for a while. God bless, ever and anon, James x

  3. So blessed I feel while reading these, I can only imagine the level of peace you must be feeling while experiencing this. Am really happy to have found this blog. May Allah bless you. Āmīn

  4. Jesus dealt with loneliness. He put it this way. The birds of the air have nest and the foxes have holes but the son of man has no place to rest his head. It is the way of reliance back to the Father our lord ho is our first Love before we come here to Earth.
    Our Journey is this…..
    John 1:21-23
    Carry on good soldier, carry on

    1. Thank you… that was a timely thing to hear, Thank you so much. We do sometimes feel alone in the fight, but those truly on the journey know… the Reason. Thank you thank you.

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    1. Thank you, Jen! I really am so blessed… every day. I am so glad you feel it too… once I gave up my ‘independence’ and followed the Will my life became so much easier… simpler… God bless you. All my love.

      J x

      1. Perfectly said! I told God one day when I was in the pits of darkness that ‘I give up; please take over’ and since then my life has turned into something pretty darned amazing.
        God bless you as well!! <3

        1. Wow. God bless you, Jen. I know too well this feeling. I wish you peace and Uncreated Light to guide you through the rest of your journey. Thank you for coming by… means a lot to connect to similar souls. Jx

  6. As you wonder and wander, I am praying for you, James. To be fully loved and completely known is our heart’s desire, isn’t it? The God and Creator, the One Who flung the Universe into existence is love indeed and desires us to know this very Truth… and He didn’t spare Himself for us to know this … May you always travel forward 🙂

    1. Heidi, thank you from the depths of my soul. I have had quite the journey with Our Creator and learn less about the world and more about Him each day… it’s a beautiful story indeed to be some small part of. I am so blessed to have such love around me, exhibited from people like yourself, whom I see evidence of our God’s love in…

      God bless you Heidi! Sending you my best, with peace and Light.
      James <3

    1. My pleasure! Your own is a beautiful read. Loved your most recent post. Simple truths! …as truths always are.

      Wishing you all the best with you writings, and thanking you for popping by my little place…

      May God bless all your days.
      Love, Jx

      1. Question, one blogger to another… I used to use the compact display for posts on my page, – showing only a photo and stub of each standard post – but switched to full display because I wanted visitors to see all the content available, not to have to guess what was behind each little door. Seeing your layout, I wonder if I made a mistake. Your comments, please?

        1. I love the layout of your home page! I think it works really well for the type of content you share and the fact that your posts are generally quite a lot shorter than mine… some of mine are so long they would literally take up the entire home page and then some! It’s easier for me that way to just share the ‘compact display’ and let people pick for themselves what to read… I like with yours that one can simply ‘flow’ into reading whilst scrolling down, picking out the bits that ‘call’ to you… works well! 🙂

  7. Really in your writings and beautiful photos you reflect a lot of love.
    Until I was thirty I thought that everyone was good, only that they made mistakes, then I realized that many people do evil consciously and on purpose, and I also realized that one day I was going to encounter evil, and I didn’t know if they were monsters or if evil had a face, or what form it would have, what it would be to find evil. After many years I finally saw all those faces, and they had surrounded me since I was a child, and even though their faces were like those of humans, their aberrant acts, in the dark, overflowed with evil.
    And the truth has to be told. The human soul is in serious danger.
    For now, written in Spanish.

    1. Thank you, my dear. I try to radiate with love as I write, so I am glad some of that reaches the reader. Love is the only thing I am 100% sure of… I don’t profess for a second to ‘know’ any one thing in its All… I am still a leaner and student here in life.

      But I have explored much and travelled and seen many things. I have indeed seen proof of this evil you speak of, in people… it is very real and at times very powerful to witness… very destructive and very sad. And yet, I do not know if fully.

      As Life reveals more to me eventually, perhaps, I will write more on these things, these things I have seen. But I’m still ‘researching’… And I have to say that I have no lasting fear! God is great in goodness, and evil cannot reach a place which has been cleaned and fortified.

      I wish you all the very best with the spreading of your words and your searching for Truth!

      Thank you for reading! I appreciate you very much. Love, always, James <3

    1. Ditto! It’s my pleasure to encounter yet another ‘soul on the move’…

      Wishing you and your family all the best with wherever life takes you next.

      Keep in touch.
      It’s a new day…

  8. What a wonderful journey you are on. I’m so happy you had that healing with the Holy Man. May it free you from those past ailments completely. I love the photos, videos and writing …as always.

    We left our homes at the same time. I left the city I’d been in for 14 years Nov. 1, 2012 and have been on the road since, although my journey is so far in the US and you are a world traveler. Today I’m celebrating my 68th birthday. Doctors said I wouldn’t live to see 30. My brother died suddenly when he was 21, and he was the healthier one. My family is all dead. Source had plans for me and so I continue to live and do the work I came here to do. You might enjoy my latest post on my empowerandbalance.wordpress.com blog….Within Your Heart”. It echoes this post of yours about Love. It really truly is all that matters, all that informs all creation.

    Much love friend, katelon

    1. My precious Katelon, thank you firstly for pointing me in the direction of your latest post. I LOVE it! Your metaphor of the empty heart/full heart so so resonates with me. I have always been the full heart… wondering why no-one else feels or sees the world the same way… and yet there are many of us that do see things this way… we are not alone! Many of us have been experiencing this ‘awakening’ for many years as you know well… and yet each journey is different. And yes, 2012 was indeed a special year in my journey, one where ‘wings were spread’. Interesting to read it was the same for you…

      Again, happy birthday for yesterday!! I am with you in Spirit. And congratulations on being a survivor! Wow! What a story that must be… I feel your journey, every time with ‘cross paths’ on this platform… I can just feel your journey, your path. Reminds me somewhat of my own. I see your peace 🙂 I pray one day we could sit in the physical and share life stories, of health and our journeys to it and with it. I am the ‘world traveller’ as you said, so my path could lead me anywhere in time, if it be The Will 😉

      Sending you Love.
      And Light. And Peace.
      Will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

      Your friend, and brother,
      James x

      1. Thanks so much James. I am an aesthetic like you but in addition to that I’ve always been a warrior/healer as well, fighting the dark to help bring them back to the light and end their control so all life in creation can be fully free and soverign. It certainly hasn’t been an easy journey.

        I’m glad you liked my latest post on my Empower and Balance blog. I used to share stories I’d written, recipes, movie and music reviews, my poetry and most recently, posts about the work I’ve been doing for almost 5 years with my spiritual work partner. But the last few posts I’ve been led to just post simple photographs of mine and inspiring words to illustrate the photographs.

        My other blog, the one you just signed up to follow, is my more mainstream blog of my travels and walks, and reviews of resorts/healing centers I’ve toured.

        I, too, look forward to the time we can sit down face to face and share about our journeys. Thanks for your light and love friend!

        Your friend, and sister,
        Katelon <3

        1. You know, sometimes the more simple posts resonate the most… I tend to go with whatever I need to express at any given time when writing, but I rejoice when it is a simple tale or photograph that calls to be shared… and it seems other people do too!

          Again, loved the analogy of the empty heart/full heart… such Truth. Simple yet powerful like Truths always are.

          I look forward to that time very much. All is possible in faith! …as my life has proven again and again and again. We WILL meet. I am sure of it… and then we can fully discuss ALL we have touched upon in these comments over time and share our full stories.

          I am excited for this next stage of my life, and look forward very much to the continued sharing of our journeys… like you said on your blog, no matter who we are or what we do, we ALL need a reminder of the Love sometimes, that we are not alone in this fight for humanity and earth, that we have ‘allies’ out there on the globe ready to reach out a hand…

          Until next time…
          In love and peace,
          James <3

  9. Absolutely Beautiful My Precious God Son!

    I Am At The Beach Reading Your Wonderful Written Personal Experience & With The Crash Of Those Waves Of Love I Am Receiving All Your Precious Words Of Love!

    I Feel So Blessed To Have A God Son Who Shines Bright & Shares So Much Love, With The World…

    May God Guide & Protect You Always!

    I’m Here & Waiting To Experience The Rest Of What’s To Come!🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

    In Trust & Faith

    😊🙏😊Your God Mother!😊🙏😊

    1. I am there with You, God Mother!!!

      Your words literally transport me and the thought of those waves and that sun permeates this work… a location I look forward to physically coming back to, so so much!

      I am the blessed one, trust me! To have such souls as you in my life to guide me and help me on my merry way. So much Love we are all blessed to share in, abundantly. A Love that NEVER lessens when shared, cannot be ‘given away’, stolen or truly lost, only multiplying as light reflects and doubles <3

      God bless you and thank you for spreading, always, your special light with all you encounter. You inspire me; your faith and your strength fortify me.

      It is nearly the time.

      In earnest Love, Light and Faith,
      Me 🙂


  10. Interesting….Never knew the word empathic feeler…I looked it up to see what it is. wow…I’ve experienced a lot of what that’s all about. I; talking to people I know about these feelings well I always called it a curse…Most of all it leads to unhappiness for me and arguments with who I address. I will leave on a good note: May almighty God keep on blessing you in your travels as the Holy Spirit leads and guides…Keep up the good work brother!!!

    1. Amen!

      I can totally relate and it’s a new term for me too. I think it is a double-edged sword, being ‘highly’ sensitive. We ’empaths’ have a greater instinctive understanding of things, things ‘unseen’ or unfelt to most… which is a sort of burden, but also a blessing if used the right way. It has certainly helped me to understand myself more, and to understand and evaluate my journey through life, all the ‘hard’ layers I put on, all the decisions I made about myself in order to deal with the complications and ‘battles’ of this life… Back when I was a kid it felt like a burden, but now a blessing as I’m able to understand better everything that has passed, how to unravel it, and step into The Light with new vision for the future and a truer me…

      Thank you so much, Andrew, for your sincere blessing! It means so very much and such prayers fortify my soul. In return, I pray God’s unconditional love encircles you wherever you go, and keeps your beautiful soul untouchable to the poisons of the world.

      Thank you for connecting.

  11. I am truly enjoying your amazing posts. This journey of your life seems to be a destination of exploring such beautiful places. Yet I am wondering about when you say you are lonely, by that do you mean you are alone or lonely, because there is a huge difference between those two. Since you have GOD in your live, how can you ever feel lonely? Please don’t feel offended with by my thoughts. On the other side I feel that you a searcher of the TRUTH, at least that’s what I gather from your posts. The all question is as always , what is the TRUTH? We all have different perspectives on that, but eventually there is only ONE TRUTH.
    “Minds together” from Cornelia

    1. Hello lovely Cornelia. Good to hear from you, as always!! Truly truly, and your comment is far from offending to me… I feel only your love coming through 🙂

      I must say, this whole lonely/alone subject is one I could write a whole book on where my life is concerned! I think it may be easy to forget with all that I have seen that I am still so young! I’m still in my 20s and these years have been such a beautiful learning curve and ‘coming of age’ for me … sure, I’ve made loads of mistakes, but I’ve discovered, piece by piece, the most amazing Truth, which I’m still uncovering now, and growing more within. A Truth that resonates with me, and yet is the Truth that we all know deep down beneath the layers of ‘person’ we pile on throughout life. It is a Truth that I have always believed, and now am coming to know. I’m sure this is the same Truth you speak of… I believe I’ve been given time and a ‘passport’ to travel and explore and discover for myself, through my own choices, the meaning of this ‘Life’ we live. This is what I mean by this ‘torch’ … sometimes I’ve been horrified by what I’ve found! and other times I have felt so reassured, about the state of this earth and this humanity… something which has troubled me a lot ever since I was a child. Another reason for travel.

      I have always been a ‘loner’ ~ and have found great solace in my own company, surrounded by my own thoughts and aura… the most amazing things seem to happen to me when I am alone… ‘luck’ – always seem to be in the right place at the right time… problems work out in the most miraculous ways… which again is another reason I travel alone, to get back to that ‘magical alone place’.

      I can honestly say, that on this Journey I have experienced both complete ‘wholeness’ and complete ‘aloneness’ in concept… the latter of which I have only felt whenever my path has temporarily steered me away from God, His love and my Calling… in pursuit of earthy riches or desires (all valid ‘teachers’ none-the-less). This is a Calling I have known ever since I was a child. I’ve always just known it, and, truly, truly, truly, I say this to you ~ I have NEVER felt alone or truly lonely in my entire life. A beautiful Light has followed me around, unseen, but wholly felt, since Day One of my life. It’s been the most reassuring and empowering feeling and has enabled me to do so much, to face so many fears, travel the world alone and become the brave person who created this site… an incarnation of Me that the ‘shy child me’ would have never believed possible…

      One last thing (I promise!! You can probably see why I write a blog now…) I encounter so many people on my journeys that I couldn’t ever even actually BE alone if I wanted to! I am hugely empathic, which is why (you may have noticed this bit…) I am seemingly able to ‘blend in’ wherever I go… something people ALWAYS remark on. I have so many families by now, groups of friends that I have so much love for, whom I stay in touch with, who enrich my life so so much and honestly honestly I feel so so blessed to just wake up a lot of days and get another chance to live another day as me. And I really mean that. I wake up alone… and feel so so whole 🙂

      Wherever you are right now, I am sending you Love and Goodwill.
      I wish you all the very best my dear friend. Thank you for reaching out! Always…
      This blog is yet another example of how God fills my life with such beautiful souls.
      Love James <3

      1. Dear James, first of all I apologize for getting back to your wonderful response so very late. You know how things cross your way and it gets into a spill of wanting to respond , but not having enough time for it or any other great excuse, haha. Your response is so deep that I didn’t just hit that LIKE button. You definitely have a way with words and I feel your words are coming deeply from your heart and your experience as a young man, yet having seen and discovered so much of yourself and the world. I truly enjoyed how you speak of being alone , yet having the great spirit of god as your back bone. I myself am a Buddhist, practicing the teachings of the Lotus Flower Sutra, the most intense teachings of Buddha, yet I embrace any kind of religion , only if it comes from a compassionate heart, meaning to serve and help others. Through this teachings I discover myself in any corner of my mind, if I like it or not….. yet as you say and I relate to that so much, waking up and feeling whole and being full of gratitude of what I have and what I don’t have. If that makes sense to you. It seems that your journey in life is to travel, hey but aren’t we all travelers? Far or close! Your destination in life is probably the more far travelling, does it matter what the distance is? No it doesn’t, you are always with yourself, no matter what continent. UGH, I had a different concept of how to respond to you, but I am ending up with this, as my mind was my “secretary” to write. You have a beautiful soul and I wish you Happy Travelling with your mind and all your senses. As I always say ” Minds together” from Cornelia, a traveler of the soul.

        1. Cornelia, please don’t apologise. Life can indeed be a great occupier of our given time. I appreciate you taking proper time to respond. It is a gift to be heard deeply and fully.

          I feel you on the embracing ‘…compassionate heart, meaning to serve and help others’ ~ I’ve spent time with all sorts of people of many faiths, and have often been inspired by the charity of peoples’ hearts and the generosity of their souls… it is after all deeds which are a measure of true goodness, not words or ‘professions’. And, yes, we are all travellers; all seekers travel the soul and the soul of the world… the soul is a universe compared to the earth, and ‘country numbers’ and ‘bucket lists’ are ultimately meaningless if you do not ‘see’ the spaces between material things… Although, yes, I have been blessed to travel far. Very blessed… which is why I love so much to share what I find.

          Your response makes a lot of sense to me, indeed, and I appreciate much the ‘secretary’ of your mind making some space for me too in what I am sure is already a busy schedule 🙂

          Wishing you all the best, my friend, all the love I can give, and every bit of gratitude I can spare for our coming together of minds.

          Soon, always, J. <3

  12. Sitting here crying as, I understand everything you’ve just said, I’m speechless, ( a rarity, I know ) thankyou for this, it’s impacted deeply ♥️♥️♥️

  13. Hey. Glad to see you ! There’s something disturbing, you seem to be living these wonderful things and yet you appear very sad and lonely. I don’t mean that in a harsh way, it’s just that I sort of see through people and I am a strong empathic feeler. I truly wish you to find what you’re looking for, I hope you find peace and solace. Sending you lots of love, for yes, our God is love and great, stay strong.

    1. Hello you! Thanks for the comment. Nice to hear from you. And, no, that’s not harsh at all!
      I wonder which images or clip you saw the sad/loneliness in? There’s been a transformation in me, definitely, and looking back myself even at clips and pictures from before Greece I can see something very different in my face… in Venice, and Florence too… I felt pretty lost… which was the point of this spontaneous trip. To face myself. For sure I have felt very lonely at times ‘travelling alone’, organising everything alone all the time, finances and means etc, but, also, I’ve always felt somewhat ‘different’ and estranged from humanity if I’m being completely honest… I find human nature very sad and frustrating at times which is why I choose to be alone and not stay anywhere for too long… 🙂 In a surface sort of way it’s a lonely existence… but truly, I have God to keep me company, which has brought me more peace than I can express… and the more I trust in His love and His control of my life, the more whole I feel…

      I’m back in England now, back off to Greece again in September to get me more of those good vibes!

      Sending you lots of love too, my friend. God bless, and thanks for your concern. Means a lot… Jx

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